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SUPERFOAM! - Pre Wash Snowfoam £4 delivered @ autobrite direct
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
SUPERFOAM! - Pre Wash Snowfoam £4 delivered @ autobrite direct£4£850% Free P&P Free
AutoBrite Superfoam snow foam 500ml only £4 delivered (£8 in Amazon). Currently Autobrite like Autofinesse are doing free postage for all orders during the COVID19 lock down. Auto… Read more

....I imagine all those other companies will go bust - you cant sustain selling at less than cost.


£4 for 500ml is not a good price regardless of how much it cost them to send it to you is the point that I and the others above have made, as I said you can get 5l Bilt Hamber delivered for under £20, 5l of this would cost £40 was the point, however Autobrite are currently offering free delivery on everything so a 5l is currently £27 delivered which is still £7 more than something that is a much better product that’s why it’s not a good deal in my eyes but if you’re happy that’s all that matters


It costs them £4.70 to post their product to me which they sold for £ can this not be a deal ?? They made a loss on the sale


This is still available for £4


Just advise, this arrived today. It was sent 1st class recorded and cost the seller £4.70 to post. Enclosed was the foam wash and air freshener and an invoice to say it cost me £4. This should be red hot as the company are operating at a loss.

Autobrite X.mas Sale upto 75% off
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Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Autobrite X.mas Sale upto 75% off
Autobrite now have there x.mas sale, for 2 weeks with upto 75% off 8) 8) 8)

Most of the items are duplicate products sold separately by the way of colouring, Brilliance/cherry glaze/banana gloss for one Super foam & magi foam for another Many many examples of this! Pink sheen is the same stuff you can buy elsewhere for half the price Glass cleaner also Tar and glue stuff is coloured turps sold for £9 a bottle,turps is £1 a bottle from B&Q. People think because something is more expensive it’s better quality,it rarely is. No one makes these products on site,they are shipped in en mass from a bulk producer to all these individual valeting companies then decanted into their own containers and their own labels applied....


11 pages, nothing really stuck out...


Because its practically 90% of the site on sale, I've given a direct link to the x.mas sale page. All people have to do is click the link (annoyed)


Because you haven't given any examples of deals to be had on there.


Cold voters, can you kindly explain why?

Autobrite Easter Sale with up to 70% off their entire sale section
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Posted 20th Apr 2019Posted 20th Apr 2019
Autobrite Easter Sale with up to 70% off their entire sale section
Save a decent amount of money on various car cleaning products in the Autobrite Easter sale. Instore and online.
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Quite pleased with their purple rain v3. Needs at least a couple of applications though. Also heard very good things about Iron X


Enough bum love.. What wheel cleaner should I get? Lookin for non acidic


Yeah, I’ve got the surfex if the cars really dirty I out a little bitof that in the with the autofoam.


A mobile valeting van cut me up quite bad, fuming sat behind him I was reading his van signs to review-bomb him online later that day but one of his bullet points was the use of snow form. I realised he must be mentally deficient and forgave him.


Its not about the clingyness or the thickness of snow foam. Bilt Hamber has better cleaning properties, I’d choose BH all day long.

Autobrite Direct up to 50% off everything in-store only
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Autobrite Direct up to 50% off everything in-store only
Autobrite Direct in Stoke have advertised that they are moving premesis in January. They are offering up to 50% off everything in-store only (not available online). This is for ca… Read more
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Autobrite Direct Christmas Sale - Up to 70% Items
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
Autobrite Direct Christmas Sale - Up to 70% Items
Up to 70% off autobrite products. Some of the best car cleaning stuff money can buy. I know it’s not a deal that will appeal to everyone but certainly a good deal for petrol heads.
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Link didn't work and can't find sale on website. Guess it's expired gutted I missed out they make good quality highly recommended stuff


Looks good, thanks OP Are there any products anyone would particularly recomend? I've not used this brand before


Sadly I’m not a fan of Autobrite products, I’ve used them in the past, and on first use do appear to give good results. However they are very harsh, eg their snow foams, (I’ve tried two of their foams) strip sealants / waxes after a few uses and also leave streaks that are very visible especially on glass. I think that their products are made to a very tight cost and lack provenance that a number of other companies of detailing products have. What I mean by that, is, that they just promote their own products and don’t acknowledge the many other brands that do much more than just supply stuff.


Does this company make their own products or relabel like the rest of them? I'm after some products for my new whippington.


Really good stuff. Highly recommended by me.

Starter Car Care Kit - by Autobrite Direct - Was £90 down to £50
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Posted 23rd May 2017Posted 23rd May 2017
Starter Car Care Kit - by Autobrite Direct - Was £90 down to £50£50
Starter Car Care Kit A great starter kit with some of the best AD car care products to hand! Make your car stand out from the crowd with our easy to use product kit.  All products… Read more
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never tried this I normally use dodo juice ,will give this a go


The only product I have been disappointed with is the Very Cherry Wheel Cleaner. Need a bit more elbow grease than AB make out.


Voted cold by people who have no interest in detailing.. it's a shame because this is actually a great deal


tbh £50 is an amazing deal for this, 99% of the people who voted cold have obviously never used this stuff before. for the ones that have voted hot have most probably used it and know how good autobrite products are. some people are happy buying £3 shampoo and some spray on wax from Poundland but some people (including myself) like to pay extra for quality products for our vehicles. :)


Is anyone daft enough to buy it at this price?

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Autobrite Heavy Duty Foam Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam 500ml Reduced from £50 to £34 with Free C+ C or £6.50 Home Delivery
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Posted 26th Mar 2017Posted 26th Mar 2017
Autobrite Heavy Duty Foam Snow Foam Lance & Magifoam 500ml Reduced from £50 to £34 with Free C+ C or £6.50 Home Delivery£34
I've been waiting for this to come back in stock for a while and now it is, it's at a great price of just £34 reduced from £50. You can also get the lance with 5 litres of snow foa… Read more
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select nilfisk in drop down for your connector type




Do these fit a Nilfisk Titan 120? Picking one up from Argos tomorrow and would like a proper snow foam and the mix, but everywhere only mentions 'fits Karcher'!?


So mine arrived. Clearly not the same as the Chinese knock offs as it has Made in Italy stamped on it. Bottle also a different shape (for what that's worth?)


These are around £20 if you are not a brand snob. Use with Bilt Hamber snow foam for good cleaning ability

Clear Vue Glass Polish (Low Dust) - £3 By Autobrite Direct 500ml (£7 inc del)
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Posted 30th Aug 2016Posted 30th Aug 2016
Clear Vue Glass Polish (Low Dust) - £3 By Autobrite Direct 500ml (£7 inc del)£3
If you order 2 bottles it is delivered for £10 total. Normally £10 plus delivery for 1 bottle. The 1 litre bottle is £18 plus delivery.

2 bottles purchased also - never happy with my car windscreen and hope this works :-)


Which product has superceded it? I looked on their site. Anyhow I bought a couple of bottles, should still make a job of the glass during a detail.


This is an old product, and they are clearing stocks that they have found. Handy if you use it, but it has been superceeded. Go instore if you can, as their delivery costs have always been a bit annoying.

Autobrite snowfoan lance and 5l Magifoam - £57 + £6.50 del / Free CnC (reduced from RRP of £69) @ Autobrite Direct
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Posted 24th Jun 2015Posted 24th Jun 2015
Autobrite snowfoan lance and 5l Magifoam - £57 + £6.50 del / Free CnC (reduced from RRP of £69) @ Autobrite Direct£57
Get a 1 litre snowfoam lance and bottle and 5 litres of good quality snowfoam for £57. Good for all car enthusiasts on here. Please don't comment if you're not actually a car enth… Read more

No... [image missing]


Yeah but if you go down the forum route you're paying £61 for the lance and 500mls of snowfoam. Go to Amazon and you're paying £63.99 for the lance and 5l of snowfoam


£57 + £6.50 P+P or on the phone number I mentioned (or forum) for £61 posted with a free bottle of magifoam.


Always wanted a play with snow foam, but apparently it's not as effective as AF citrus power.


i did it through the detailing world offer as detailed above last year, FYI you dont need to join that forum! great piece of kit

Autobrite snow foam lance  £30 + £6.50 p&p
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Posted 3rd Sep 2014Posted 3rd Sep 2014
Autobrite snow foam lance £30 + £6.50 p&p£36.50
Autobrites snow foam lance is down to £30 + £6.50 p&p uk mainland
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If you read on the Autobrite site it advises to put 30 to 50mm of the snow foam solution in the bottle and top up with water (some advise warm water) then attach it to your pressure washer, adjust the lance so the foam is thick and clings to the car for at least 10 to 30 minutes, then wash it off with clean water at high pressure, happy snow foaming your car


I have a karcher one of these with a yellow bottle (which is a bit 'meh') and been after a better one for a while. Went for the AutoBrite deal from Detailing World for an extra £3.50 with 1L of Magifoam.


Thanks heat added


Autobrite magifoam


* normally £45

Autobrite foam lance & 5x bottles of snow foam £50 plus £6.50 delivery (free store collection) @ autobritedirect
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Posted 23rd Apr 2014Posted 23rd Apr 2014
Autobrite foam lance & 5x bottles of snow foam £50 plus £6.50 delivery (free store collection) @ autobritedirect£50
Collect in store, delivery £6.50 extra Mega Magifoam HD Snow Foam Lance Kit For all you foam lance/Magifoam lovers out there! Our quality HD Foam Lance now with 5 of the Magifo… Read more

Mine came this morning. Didn't have any emails from them. Looking forward to trying it out later this week


OK I phoned on Thursday to complain and the lady said they are having problems with their website, for some reason it won't return emails, anyhoo she said mine had been dispatched that day and I would get it Friday, guess what I did.


Same with me B_22. On the detailing world thread somebody ordered this week and had theirs the next day! If nothing comes by this time next week will raise a dispute with PayPal.


Still not had any email, but they took the paypal money.... will give it week before i ask for refund...


Still waiting for mine aswell. Not had any dispatch email either. They are most likely to be waiting for stock to be delivered. Il give it another week before I enquire. If your worried give them a call 01782 623819

Flex PE 14-2 150 Rotary Polisher £279.99 Instead of £370!! @ Autobrite Direct
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Posted 18th Feb 2014Posted 18th Feb 2014
Flex PE 14-2 150 Rotary Polisher £279.99 Instead of £370!! @ Autobrite Direct£279.99
If you know your stuff about car valeting/detailing then you'll know just how good of an offer this truly is. It really is a hot offer. I know it's probably out of most price ran… Read more
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thanks guys leaning towards a kestrel


superb price but i agree please practice on scrap panel before trying this on your car otherwise you will need a respray. I detail cars for a living and if you want to try at home the kestra das6 dual polisher is alot safer bet..


that's an awesome price and the guys down at autobrite direct are great too


i use this one:


wait until lidl get one in