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6 Issues of Auto Express for £1 Plus FREE 26-Piece Toolkit @ Auto Express
Found 8th May 2011Found 8th May 2011
6 issues for just £1 FREE 26-Piece Toolkit 48% off future issues FREE delivery to your door Claim 6 issues for £1 and get Auto Express delivered straight to your doo… Read more
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Both Subsscriptions rec'd and both toolkits arrived for Octane and for Auto Express magazines. However im trying to "manage" my subscription with the password they send (which incidentally is exactly the same for both magazines - a bit thick of them i think), but the password doesn't work!!! so i can't cancel the sub online atleast!!!!


Why did you open this thread? Work for the competition?


It seems that when clicking on some of the links from the HUKD website it doesn't work (says that due to abuse it has been stopped). However if you cut and paste the URL directly into the browser it works. Obviously they are stopping people coming from this site for some reason.


Why bother even calling to cancel. Just end the direct debit - DONE !


Worked for me through the website.. showed the toolkit as the free gift n everything.. :) So glad as I was already desperately combing the internet for a cheap and nasty toolkit and 6 issues of a dull car mag.. :p Thanks OP..

Another 6 Issues of AutoExpress For £1 Plus Free 26 Piece Tool Kit @ Auto Express
Found 7th Apr 2011Found 7th Apr 2011
Just had an email off AutoExpress subscriptions. I know its been posted before, but they expire after a week or so. Order 6 issues of AutoExpress - pay £1, then recieve free tool… Read more

I agree its P**


Even I had received it I couldn't brag, it was a Mini Maglite!


Not bragging. I got mine, took ages to arrive though.


Still not received my free Maglite torch from my last subscription offer, yet they manage to ring, email and write to me offering on a deal on every magazine they've ever published...


dead link

Auto Express 6 Issues for £1  - Also - thanks to Icarexstranger - 13 issues for £14.99 with free Battery chargers
Found 10th Mar 2011Found 10th Mar 2011
Auto Express 6 Issues for £1 Offer on again-just recieved in an email Just cancel direct debit - quote taken from page - I understand that I can cancel at any time during my 6 is… Read more
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I have subscribed to the 6 issues @ £1 offer more than once. You could therefore get 12 issues for £2, obviously resulting in the "FREE BATTERY CHARGER" and 1 magazine costing £12.99 ! Best to stick with the various Dennis £1 offers.


thanks - have added it to the top ;)


Thanks OP. I'm sure there will always be someone new to the offer that can benefit. I've had a free digital tyre pressure gauge, Maglite and tool kit from this offer/similar + the mags... now just contemplating the battery service charger offer using code "P1154".


the email i got today said new offer - but maybe they do it regularly like the other mags


This is a permanant "offer"!

Autoexpress or EVO car Magazine for £1 + FREE 26-piece toolkit
Found 2nd Mar 2011Found 2nd Mar 2011
AutoExpress - Get your first 6 issues for just £1 and we’ll also send you a fantastic 26-piece toolkit. EVO- 3 issues of evo for just £1 (worth £13.20) + fantastic 26-piece toolki… Read more

I signed up for this deal the last time and then cancelled after the 3 issues. No hassle


Seems like it doesnt work anymore, close the thread pls. thanks. Just trying to help. You can try again later, might work again, i just signed up for both.


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.


seems like if you copy and paste the link that it will work Evo: Autoexpress:


AutoExpress Link EVO link

Free Ring SmartCharger (and six refundable trial issues) with Auto Express - no catch!
Found 10th Feb 2011Found 10th Feb 2011
I'm reposting this deal as it was incorrectly reported as suspended. It's not. Previous post expired. My free charger arrived today and it's excellent! The offer is six trial is… Read more

This has been expired but the offer is STILL on! It's in the mag every week (the offer code increments by one each week but I'm sure P1152 will still work). Why oh why can't people read the post and do as it says? Yes, the website link is a bit flaky as I already said but a quick phone call to them and it's sorted. Well done aaran7 and danny-henson. Proof that it works!


got my charger its great just got to cancel now


hey all I got my smart charger did everyone get theres? I have cancelled my subscription they still took out £14 odd payment. and said it would be refunded so i will keep an eye on it. has anyone else done this yet?


"Better still pick up the phone and call them, quoting Offer Code P1152"


Tried it Offer says Subscribe | Gift Subscriptions | Shopping Cart |Login |Contact Us Please Wait Buy now: £14.99 every 13 issues paid by direct debit Your free gift(s) • SMART BATTERY CHARGERS Please allow 28 days for gift delivery. This offer is limited to one per household. Gifts may be limited, please refer to the original offer for details. Gifts are only available in the UK unless stated otherwise. Nothing about 6 copies for or £1

Free Ring SmartCharger (and six refundable trial issues) with Auto Express - no catch!
Found 2nd Feb 2011Found 2nd Feb 2011
The offer is six trial issues at £1.15 (refundable if you cancel) and a £29 value Ring SmartCharger to keep regardless (the kind you can leave on your battery for extended periods)… Read more

hey all I got my smart charger did everyone get theres? I have cancelled my subscription they still took out £14 odd payment. and said it would be refunded so i will keep an eye on it. has anyone else done this yet?


It's still there on the link at the top of the page but I still recommend phoning them anyway.


This is also suspended now.


I just rang them on local number 01795 592901. Spoke to this lad who didnt seem to know what was going on lol! I quoted reference and he said oh you get 6 issues and its £14.99 really confusing, I mentioned smart charger he goes yes you will receive after payment has been taken. After 5 minutes of confusion, he spoke to someone else and the deal he told me was, they would charge me £14.99 on the 24th Feb, for 6 trial issues, and the remaining issues also. Then after payment has been taken I would receive charger, and if I cancel after payment has been taken but before 6th issue, I can cancel and get full refund. lol! If anyone can understand this and see that I have it wrong please pm me thanks lol Also while snooping around I found another deal for this subscription 6 issues for £1, and a free 26 piece toolkit.


Shame though it's still showing on the link posted by wanderer (first post) and the link with the suspended notice never had this offer - maybe they're just in the process of updating it? I've always dealt with them on the 'phone anyway and they've been helpful. Give it a try?

Auto Express = 6 Issues + Free Tool Kit for £1
Found 19th Jan 2011Found 19th Jan 2011
Auto Express = 6 Issues + Free Tool Kit for £1
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me too now andywedge but it was ok originally



Me too... Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.


No matter what I try - ie clicking on various links, using GTD link I always get that message jaysonic


How far did you test this, just wondered as i am currently at secure checkout stage.

6 issues of autoexpress for £1 + FREE 26 piece tool kit
Found 27th Sep 2010Found 27th Sep 2010
Received email regarding the offer Not sure if posted already
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I get the gifts everytime i try this - last time was a few years ago and they got me hooked :P


done this and did get free gift pretty decent gift


Good deal


Yeh, I've had the magazine deal 3 times now, lets see if we get the gift HOT


ive done this a few times and cancelled but never ever got the free gifts but cant have every thing can you so still hot from me

6 Issues for £1 of AutoExpress + FREE Draper Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge!
Found 27th Sep 2010Found 27th Sep 2010
Auto Express magazine is THE car news weekly, delivering the big motoring stories as they happen and spectacular pictures of brand new models on the market. Plus get behind the ste… Read more

Seems its for free toolkit now.Maybe run out of Pressure gauges.


£1 for the gauge is a good price on its own


To stop the game on previous mag offers all you had to do is cancel the DD by phone with them and to double sort, stop it with the bank. These guys are asking for a letter to cancel. However, a very good deal!


the go to deal link doesn't seem to work the direct link is

6 Issues for £1 of AutoExpress + FREE 26-Piece Toolkit!
Found 27th Sep 2010Found 27th Sep 2010
Auto Express contains the best advice on how to keep your car running for longer, so it’s worth more when you sell it. Every issue also includes all the hottest car news and compre… Read more

thanks just ordered.


Just seen this email through from EVO who recently offered 3 issues for £1 with free MAGLITE which ive recieved! Another to add to collection thanks!


Gotta be worth for a quid...HOT mate thanks.

miximash Kit includes: * Radio pliers * Wire cutters * 6-piece socket set * 6 precision screwdrivers * 12-piece multi-head screwdriver set * Complete with carrying case

bigmo7 Try this link if the 'Go to Deal' one doesn't work :)

6 issues of Auto Express + Free Draper Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge for £1
Found 16th Aug 2010Found 16th Aug 2010
Another Auto Express 6 copies deal with free Draper Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge this time, they must hate us HUKDer with a passion :) anyway grab it while it last as it's subject t… Read more

The sentiment may be different but ultimately it's the same message.


Horses for courses, but the sentiments expressed in your last post are very different to those in your first one. I get by quite happily with a standalone gauge, a cheap 12V compressor, a bicycle pump and the petrol station forecourt compressors and I'd happily bet that I check and change tyre pressures more frequently than 99.9% of the people on this forum.


ordered thanks !


Round our way most places tend to be out of order, especially the free ones. All I can say is that when I bought product that I posted some time ago it's worked perfectly in every way since and does save the hassle of going out to some forecourt for inflation. It certainly doesn't take an age to inflate either.


i hate thta rutherford guy who writes for auto express "always on your side"? bah

6 Issues for £1 of AutoExpress + FREE  26-Piece Toolkit!
Found 6th Jul 2010Found 6th Jul 2010
As a motoring enthusiast, you are invited to Claim 6 issues of Auto Express for just £1. This means you could save £11 on the shop price, plus claim your FREE 26-Piece Toolkit. Yo… Read more

Even better!


You don't even have to give a telephone number.


True - hence with these kind of deals I have a tendency to give a false number


Just remember that once you're on their database they'll hound you with special offers for the rest of eternity ;-)


Got this last year with some Computer mag, the tool kit is not that good quality. but this is a good offer to consider for the mag.

6 issues of Auto Express + FREE Maglite solitaire for £1
Found 18th Jun 2010Found 18th Jun 2010
This popular deal appears to be back on again, for now......Good magazine and solid flash light, hurry up before it's all gone

Always works for me.... Are you sure your account type details are actually compatible with direct debits? [many savings type accounts for example will not take direct debits]


dont bother....very time ive tried to sub it either doesnt work or they say my dd has been chance they just want your details for free im gonna report them as a scam


This number works fine. There's no problem cancelling, give them the details and then cancel you Direct Debit.


No mention of Maglite on website anymore.. Maybe Expired?


what they dont tell you is that the gifts are a first come first served basis and the stock levels are often only in the 100's. if you call to enquire, they will say they cant guarantee you will get your gift (ass covering speech) as the stock is controlled by a different warehouse

6 Issues of Auto Express for £1 + FREE mini Maglite torch in case.
Found 8th May 2010Found 8th May 2010
Simply subscribe to receive 6 issues of Auto Express magazine for only £1.00 and get a mini Maglite torch in a presentation case free. Remember to cancel within the 6 week trial pe… Read more
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Anyone else still waiting? They've set up the direct debit (but not taken any money), not received any mags or the torch.


Just received a copy of mens health. God knows why but I'm not complaining.


Torch received and a further copy of the magazine I have no need for. :-)


Post the torch back? haha (yes I know you mean post here) :P


£1 payment taken from my account yesterday, I cancelled the direct debit today. Still no sign of torch. I will post back if it arrives.

6 issues of Auto Express for £1 & Demon Shine Cleaning Kit worth £8.98 free!
Found 2nd Jun 2009Found 2nd Jun 2009
Taken from advert: About your great FREE gift! DEMON CLEANING KIT WORTH £8.98 Demon Shine is a revolutionary Top Gloss Shine Treatment applied straight after the car is washed, … Read more
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Me too. Although I'd much prefer that Demon Shine spray... So basically - cloth first. Then after about week, received a tube of Dash wipes and Alloy wheel cleaner (CarPlan) D.


i got the cloth a few weeks ago,but today i also got a tube of dash wipes and some alloy wheel cleaner,what a deal


good luck. I only rec the cloth and when I emailed them they said they had run out of the polish and would not be getting any more in the cloth was a substitute!:x


We should be getting the 2nd part as well. I so far have only received the cloth. Demon Shine is a revolutionary Top Gloss Shine Treatment applied straight after the car is washed, no need to dry the car first. Demon Shine Finishing Cloth - The perfect way to complete the Top Gloss Shine treatment. Use to apply Spray on Shine quickly and easily. Both yours FREE when you take 6 issues of Auto Express for £1 Order now!


I know it isn't great but it only cost £1 with 6 magazines.

free 26 piece toolkit worth £9.99 with Auto Express Magazine (subscrition from £1)
Found 5th Mar 2009Found 5th Mar 2009
Claim 6 issues of Auto Express magazine worth £12 for just £1 and get a free 26 piece toolkit worth £9.99. Containing 26 durable pieces, this general purpose toolkit is perfect for… Read more



reading the small print it- it states you can cancel at anytime, therefore.. cancel DD after £1 is taken and they will then need to honor your cancellation, worst case is they should send you a letter advising you not ot use their site! if you still use other offers they can THEN charge you for any future cancellations.. sounds very dodgy T&C - unsure how they can hold you to this espescially as they are offering £1 for 6 magazines...


Most def Hot for me when they are £2 a pop on the store shelves. Last time I was on this I cancelled before the end of the 6 issues and never heard anything from them again, just the mags stopped.


Very cold as you pay £1 for the first half of the annual subscription,t hen you are automatically liable for £12 for the next 6 magazines - (minimum term 12 mags) So deal should be edited to read "£13 for 12x Autoexpress magazine + free toolkit".


3 available now .... ? Quite hot - 6 issues for a £1 + £4.50 Quidco and a toolbox. However, when I put the order in it says 6 issues for a £1 then £15 for every x issues after that. Can I cancel after 6 issues seeing as I'm only purchasing 6 issues? EDIT: Just rang them and you have to take 12 issues minumum ...

6 Issues of Auto Express for £1, with £5 Quidco cashback!
Found 25th Aug 2008Found 25th Aug 2008
Go through Quidco to get this offer... Subscribe to 6 issues of Auto Express for a £1 Direct Debit, and get £5 cashback! So you make £4 and get 6 issues for free! Gotta be worth… Read more

Thanks for the advice. I'll take my chances with it may be worth it.:whistling:


Autoexpress is utter carap. A good deal of their stories and "scoops" are merely made up :)


Heat from me. :thumbsup: I took it out via Quidco and it's already showing as tracked £5. :)This is a good sign it may pay out. From reading the comments I feel I may be one of the few who is interested in the offer and not just after a cheap subscription. If Auto Express is good I may just keep the sub going. There are a lot of people out there taking the cheap offer and cancelling the DD immediately before even getting a magazine.:whistling:


Received first issue this week, and hubby was impressed! Pretty good car mag! Plus, they send you all the info regarding when the £1 will be taken, and when another payment would be taken if you don't cancel before. They also send you a username and password so you can cancel via the web at any time. So I can recommend this to anyone that was worried about how to cancel after the 6 week trial :thumbsup:


Exactly right... if you sign up for a 12 month subscription, and cancel your Direct Debit after 3 months, then you can expect to be charged... if you sign up for this, and cancel after the £1 is taken, then that's that - you've fulfilled your obligation. My Quidco has tracked for this by the way :thumbsup:

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