Automatic Auto Toothpaste Dispenser + Brush Holder White - £2.96 Free Delivery

Automatic Auto Toothpaste Dispenser + Brush Holder White - £2.96 Free Delivery

Found 23rd Dec 2016
This is a bit of an odd deal, but whilst looking for one of these to help avoid toothpaste mess left by my 9 year old, I cam across this at the bargain price of £2.97 (Shirley/surely it will cost more to post).

Anyhow, similar products I looked at were in the region of £10-£14, so £2.96 delivered is worth a punt in my view!

Probably shipped from the good old far East, but 'NoHurry NoWorry'!
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possibly due to its delivery

Estimated delivery: 6 Jan. 2017 - 26 Jan. 2017

probably not UK
I dare say all these are made in China though and as it an item not needed next day, personally, I'd rather wait a little longer and pay a lot less.:p
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I got one a couple of days ago...ABsolute RUBBISH. To start with, the toothpaste tube is expected to be pushed in, not as you might expect SCREWED in, secondly, the tubes (75ml & 100ml, Macleans and Colgate) didn't fit anyway.

I was offered a £1 refund and told I could keep the product "and do WHAT with it" I asked, "use it as a DOOR stop?" (too light) "or as a BOOKEND" No good (I said) I'd need 2 of the ****, and ONE was BAD enough.

Check em out (feedbacks) on the Amazon site, and note a couple of other types that look ALMOST identical, but at 5 times the price.

BTW, I had an idea...take an old screw cap from a toothpaste tube, drill it out,and insert (glue it) into the space the toothpaste tube SHOULD go (after I open it up with a slightly larger drill bit) what can I say...I'm board.
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