Posted 16 January 2023

Automatic Cadisen C1032 watch - Sapphire crystal ; Seiko NH35 movement - £41.64 delivered with code @ Cadisen Wonder Store / AliExpress

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
Good, old Cadisen C1032 Offers great spec for that price, you get Sapphire crystal and a well known Seiko NH35 movement (Seiko offers that movement in own watches under 4R35 / 4R36 name). To get that price, change the price shown in Ali to $ and pay with currency card like Revolut or Monzo. Ali charges a hidden 4-5% in any other currency than $. Use code JANUP3 as well.


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    Would it be as reliable as a Seiko watch that's my concern.
    Seiko NH35 has got very good opinions everywhere. A workhorse. I have got few watches on that movement and it's spotless. (edited)
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    Plus duties, taxes and charges?
    Nope, all included in the final price.
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    Would buy one of these if it weren't for the Roman numerals.

    That one has got Sapphire too but inhouse movement instead of Seiko. But I heard good opinions about it, it's a high beat one, so phenomenal for that price.
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    I don't know why that link doesn't work. Search Cadisen C1032 directly through Ali to see that offer eventually.
    Remove everything after .html? And the link should work. Good old Ali express!
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    I need an NH35 & those alone cost around £45-ish & on that basis alone this can have some heat.🔥
    That’s how I validated a bunch of Ali watch purchases! I’ve given up modding and building these days CBA!
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    Very good price for this watch. Use it to wear at work and it's been surprisingly resilient despite my clumsiness.
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    Got excited and didn't put the code on so it's £45 for me
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    damn, bought one, was looking for a Seiko so this will do, I must have a problem as I got bought a watch display case for Christmas
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    Ordered. Heat
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    Isn’t this an NH36 if it has the day wheel?
    it is
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    Look at undone watches nh35 and u design the final spec of ur watch (edited)
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    Mine arrived today, pretty quick! Really nice watch, comes with a spare leather strap, a pin tool and holder, impressed!!