Autumn Heather from 28th 50p at LIDL

Autumn Heather from 28th 50p at LIDL

Found 25th Aug 2014
Available in Red, Pink or White
Height (cm): 20
Pot size Ø (cm): 9
Keep soil well drained
Full sun/ part shade
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Also doing a deal on clothes pegs
Also comes with a free dog.
Bought a load of these last year... Every single one is dead now.
Was gonna get some but maybe not after raunchys comment
Are the white ones lucky?
After my last few cancelled Hukd orders (misprices/sales) this could be the deal for me
I got these last year and 3 out of 6 are dead. At this price though I will buy 3 more to replace the dead ones. Thank you for posting : )
Some varieties of heather need acidic soil. It might not be the quality of the plants that's at fault.
Looks like Erica gracillis , if so they wont survive a harsh winter.

Looks like Erica gracillis , if so they wont survive a harsh winter.

Last winter wasn't exactly harsh...
Still, I've no way of inferring if it's the plants or gardener that failed in the earlier posts.
Yeah, heather grows naturally in peat, which has a far more acidic pH than most people's regular garden soil / compost, unless you live in an area of heathland (i.e. much of Dorset, and places in North Wales, where the soil is naturally acidic).

If you re-plant this species from it's original pot into your garden, chances are, the growing conditions in the soil around the plant's roots will become too alkaline for it to thrive and survive. Heather WILL die on you unless you fix the surrounding soil, so bare this in mind before making your purchase.

[Incidentally, you could probably just keep transplanting heather into bigger pots of peat when you need to, but peat extraction is generally really environmentally damaging and unsustainable, and actually a contributor to climate change, believe it or not!]

Good luck finding any that aren't dead.
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