Autumn Romance: Stories and Portraits of Love after 50 [Kindle Edition] was £12.21
Autumn Romance: Stories and Portraits of Love after 50 [Kindle Edition] was £12.21

Autumn Romance: Stories and Portraits of Love after 50 [Kindle Edition] was £12.21

Product Description
Review: Romance Tips for people over 50 - absolutely perfect. It's so much better to earn life lessons about romance from the people who have true love...

Autumn Romance is a beautiful book that contradicts the conventional wisdom, that once you have wrinkles and years of emotional baggage, then romance is off the table.

Lavishly illustrated, beautifully designed, Autumn Romance shows that late-life love is not only possible, but just might be the best one of all. We see how ordinary people, despite sorrows and disappointments, keep their hearts open--and how once they've learned some great life lessons, embrace the love that comes their way.

In Autumn Romance, we see different ways they meet: those who knew each other when young, those who share work, those who connect online--and the outcomes, which range from funny to heart warming to inspiring.

There are those who discover great sex, those whose lifelong hurts get healed, those whose lives are turned around. The stories of twenty-nine couples, from very different cultures and backgrounds, hold a common thread: how late-life romance can be a soul gift of immense proportions. Many of these delightful tales contain plots that a Hollywood screenwriter would have envied. But they are all true--proving how amazing life can be!

The photographs embody the book's groundbreaking essence: instead of looking away from age, as we have been taught, sixteen world-class photographers looked age in the face--and found all kinds of beauty. They captured the essence of each couple's connection in gorgeous black and white images. These exquisite photos shout the truth, that true love is not about lack of wrinkles, but rather, how two spirits truly connect.

An Addendum includes romantic tips about love from the couples who have found it, and a list of advantages to the Autumn Romance. In all, a celebration of the human soul, and the transforming power of love.
Carol Denker, the author, is a true believer in new beginnings. Not only did she find her own passionate love at age 62 (her story is the last one in the book), she began a third career, writing, at age 55.

For most of her adult life, she worked as an art and group therapist. She also directed a parenting program in North Philadelphia for five years. Her first professional writing job was as staff writer for the Star newspapers in Philadelphia. She became an editor for the Star and then spent two years as a freelance reporter for several Philadelphia newspapers.

In 2004, Carol helped found The Spirit, a prizewinning independent community newspaper in Philadelphia that she ran as editor-in-chief for its first three years.

Carol is also a longtime portrait artist and painter; her commissioned and original work hangs in homes throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey; her work can be seen on her website A Portrait by Carol.

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