Available to Pre-Order Project CARS 2 Ultra Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £430 @ Amazon

Available to Pre-Order Project CARS 2 Ultra Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £430 @ Amazon



Gold plated disc?
£430 is a great deal, I've preorded two copies!
They say its limited to 1000 so i preordered!
Includes an actual car? Or at least an RC one?
Can't tell if this is a post meant to attempt to troll? Or the poster genuinely thinks this is a good offer
The Esport Live VIP Pass: Present this pass to any Slightly Mad Studios, or Bandai Namco staff member at Project CARS Esports live events anywhere in the world, and you will be treated to the full benefits that come from being a Project CARS VIP. Meet the team, jump to the front of the queue, or maybe even pick up some free swag!

Not really a bad deal if your into that sort of stuff.
And people thought the deal I posted of COD at full price was bad
Console bundle?

Includes 1/12 scale resin McLaren 720S, amongst other things!
(I already have PCARS2 on Steam, though due to other commitments I've not had time to get involved with the sequel).

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To be fair, they've bucked the recent trend with these crazy limited editions, and actually included the game! oO
If I had the money I so would get this but over half a year to wait for it damn
Pre-ordered. Didn't even know about this version until now.
It's a great price I suppose, if you can fit in the car.
looks like you pay for the epsorts live VIP Pass
New Gran Turismo this year.
I don't even know what this is
So glad i preordered as it seems its OOS!
No brainer at this price, ordered!
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