Avantronics BTCK-10B Hands-free Bluetooth Car Speaker-phone Kit, £13.97 + free delivery @ Amazon.

Avantronics BTCK-10B Hands-free Bluetooth Car Speaker-phone Kit, £13.97 + free delivery @ Amazon.

Found 5th Apr 2015
Compatible with Bluetooth Enabled Devices Including iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus, Blackberry, HTC Desire/One Series/Butterfly 2/S, Huawei, LG, Motorola Moto E/G/Droid/Maxx/Mini/Ultra, Nokia Lumia, Samsung, Sony Xperia - Black

Combining convenience with safety, this Bluetooth hands-free car kit has the ability to connect with 2 mobile phones simultaneously.
Always hear your conversations clearly, thanks to this in-car speaker phone's echo and background-noise-reduction feature.

This Bluetooth visor car kit is easy to use right from the off. There's no complicated installation process, simply fix onto your car's visor and away you go!

A hands-free speaker phone that's suitable for lengthy car journeys, the Avantree visor car kit has up to 12 hours of talk time, and a whopping 980 hours (40 days) of standby time.

When your handsfree car kit does start to run out of juice, the rechargeable Nokia battery provides a powerful boost.
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Useful review and to clarify from Amazon:

My girlfriend has a corporate Blackberry and a personal mobile phone but in her car the integral Bluetooth system only handles one phone so we bought this Avantree Bluetooth device - the BTCK-10B. In the box you get the handsfree device, a battery (similar to a Nokia phone), a USB to Mini USB lead, car charger, sun visor clip and instructions. The unit is neat, compact, and well made being finished in a rubberised black coating.

This device takes around 2 hours to charge from flat and will give you up to 12 hours talk time and over 900 hours on standby, of course, these figures will vary with different types of use - you can charge it using the car charger supplied or from almost any USB source. Pairing with your phone is easy unlike our car's own phone system, and, this unit will support up to 2 phones.

This is an easy product to live with, taking a call is easy and making one is too, although, for the voice dialling function to work your phone must support that feature too. Call quality is good with ample volume and there's built in echo/noise cancellation and full duplex. The unit also supports both headset and hands free profiles.

In use this hands free unit from Avantree works very well. Calls are clear, the controls are easy to master, and there's sufficient volume from the loudspeaker despite the small size of the device. You can also mute the microphone.

It's hard to find fault with this unit especially at the price - the only development I can think of is that the rather than use Mini USB the charging socket would be more universal if it adopted the same standard as most smartphones and used Micro USB, however, this is only a small point especially as a compatible lead and car charger are supplied.

In summary, a good value device that performs well. Recommended.
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Looks very useful and thank you for the very comprehensive review, op - heat:D
good little unit. battery died a few months later but they are cheap off ebay. always around this price so cant comment on it being a hot deal, but its worth the money. also good to buy for friends who still want to endanger themselves and others by not using a Bluetooth device.
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It is cheaper on mymemory (£13.99) with cashback (using Quidco with mymemory mobil site - 70p , using tcb - 59p)
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I have had three products form this make and they were all exceptionally flimsy and cheaply made. I bought from them again and again as their reviews are absolutely amazing but now worried about the authenticity of these reviews.
Ordered for the missus, thanks op.
We sold these in our store, fantastic little bits of kit.
cheaper from Prepaymania on Amazon


Brilliant price for a cracking bit of bluetooth tech!

Was tempted by the newer BTCK-10BP version, but it is £11 more and only
has BT4 and 2 other differences, so got one of these to try and if it is not up
to much, will try one of the BTCK-10BP with the difference

Nice review @IndyS > do you write|blog for a living?
Thanks for the share. Ordered one.

Just don't get distracted using the kit like this guy in the photo
usefull if your headunit is carp

Just don't get distracted using the kit like this guy in the photo

Bright Star

cheaper from Prepaymania on AmazonAMAZON

The one you point to is the 10 not the 10B. Don't know what the difference might be though
I had one of these from Sainsbury for a tenner .. sound is OK for a local drive, volume is way too low for motorway drive!

Just don't get distracted using the kit like this guy in the photo

Do not know what is more worrying..

The fact he has a massive bottle of aftershave on the dashboard


The guy in the wing mirror with his hands up, who has clearly had his foot run over!
I have one of these and would highly recommend. Unbelievable gaps between charges, probably use it 2 or 3 times a week. I've had it over a year and charged it maybe 2 or 3 times! It connects to my work and home no probs. If road noise is especially loud I'd say the volume could do with another notch but my hearing is rubbish.
received m9 today. Very pleased, amazon also send me the latest 10bp

received m9 today. Very pleased, amazon also send me the latest 10bp

n e gud m8? xx
worked well with my s5
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