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Avast antivirus.,  66% off with a download see details below £9.99 @ Avast
Found 22nd Feb 2014Found 22nd Feb 2014
to get the 9.99 price (66%off) for personal full protection you need to download the free antivirus, then once up and running follow the link at bottom as in photo, this works for … Read more
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Must agree with slackrat77. I'm in PC repair and I'd say 70% of my work is removing PUPs even when my customer has antivirus installed. My main problem with Avast is all of the damn false positive it flags up. I've had it completely break a customer's installation of Sage accounts because it identified one of its vital files as a virus and deleted it. It also flags up one of the integral files in Java update 7 and prevents you installing it unless you disable Avast. Personally, I don't use any anti-virus and rely on common sense. If you're ever unsure of a file, upload it to https://www.virustotal.com/ and let it scan it.




Even the best free and paid for antivirus softwares don't tackle all the crap pup's that creep onto your machine. I spend most of my time on non hardware repairs running scans with adwcleaner, roguekiller, junkware removal tool, hitman pro, malwarebytes, spybot, decrapifier and ccleaner. People are far too click happy and am sick of seeing pricegong, delta search, conduit search and wajam slowing down customers machines. If there's stuff in your programs in control panel that you don't know what its for. Don't use or know know how it got there, run one or all of the above softwares!




Even if you do... some Government Dept/ Bank employee may wonga it... if the price is right ;)

Free Avast antivirus for PC and phone
Found 11th Jun 2013Found 11th Jun 2013
A totally free Antivirus for your PC and Android phone whit Anti-Theft. More information in the link. I just can tell that I’m using it for a long time already on all my computers… Read more

I like Avast - good product I recommend for fools who pay £10 - £30 per year on antivirus


is it a problem that its updating? you shiuld be happy that your antivirus is up to date :-) unless you have limited internet.


Ha, you had Norton? That explains everything.


Avast is terrible and wants to update every 5 minutes


I think it is brilliant... My Norton ran out so installed in temporarally and it has picked up loads of problems and corrected them straight away... Hot for me

avast! Browser Cleanup tool
Found 16th Mar 2013Found 16th Mar 2013
This new tool serves to delete pesky and unwanted toolbars and plug-ins from your browser(s). Simply download and run the Browser Cleanup utility without the need to install anythi… Read more

Brilliant tool, thanks! :)


Sounds good


Great idea. Must install on my parents laptop.


Using The Avast Browser Cleanup Tool Video

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Avast antivirus Free
Found 14th Dec 2012Found 14th Dec 2012
Install and register to receive a 1 year license. Only for home use.
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You used to get banned for promoting Martin Lewis website on here.. :|


Use Avast myself on Pc and laptop for a couple of years now, does the job well!


you keep telling yourself that. Lost count of the number of Pc's I have had to fix cos AVG let viruses through. Keeps me in beer tokens :)


mse is better from my experience


Only if you are side loading dodgy files ...

Avast Free Mobile Security Andriod (Remote Control too with rooted)
Found 7th Jul 2012Found 7th Jul 2012
Why choose avast! Free Mobile Security? A standalone yet tightly integrated component of the avast! Mobile Security environment, avast! Anti-Theft is the slyest component on the m… Read more
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Hehe fletch this site is about 6 years old :P my original account is about 4-5 years old so yeah androids where out back then. the main avast home for computers always been free however this is for the android devices which arnt all that old either


only problem is hot deal site weren't out then lol ;)


The best part of the application is Anti-Theft, which used to be called Theft Aware, which was a paid app, up until Avast bought it late last year.


Well you should have posted it years ago :)

Found 18th Mar 2012Found 18th Mar 2012
Get the new avast 7 free :D

Comodo sucks IMO, Avira is also a good free alternative :D


Good Choice! I use that too nd never have a prob :)


Because it's the new version. And i never knew about it until i got a e-mail.


Hence the 'Freebies' Section? I really think they should add a software section...


what's the point of posting this. always been free, always will be free.

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Avast Mobile security free on Android (via the market)
Found 9th Feb 2012Found 9th Feb 2012
Free mobile security from avast for Android. The anti-theft being the stand out part of the package (which can be installed independently off the mobile security). Rooted phones… Read more
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The anti theft is the best part of this app.


Do we really need security for android phones?i used to have iPhone4 but now have se arc s


It's the security elements that are additional. Very comprehensive. My only worry is that I'll mess up the settings, and end up locking myself out of my own phone, with the 'stolen' siren blaring. Heat added


avast for android has been around for ages best of my knowledge its always been free!


Doesn't need to be rooted, but rooting allows more features.

Avast Internet Security 2012 Free 6 months
Found 23rd Nov 2011Found 23rd Nov 2011
This giveaway which was previous open for all IPs, is now limited to german users only. Though only German IPs can get the license, the activation of Avast Internet Security 2012 i… Read more
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great work heats added many thanks


Thanks worked straight away.


It explains how to in 1st post


How can i get german ip ?



Free Avast Internet Security 6.0 License Key For Everyone
Found 20th Jul 2011Found 20th Jul 2011
Free Avast Internet Security 6.0 License Key For Everyone 1. Goto http://www.my-avast.de/AVAST-Aktion-com-so-gehts, fill-in and submit the form with a valid email address 2. You… Read more

Anything is better than AVG! oO


I like this AVAST-use users love / prefer AVAST userss I read it somewhere on the instructions its expires April 2013.


this seems well completed. even though the actual 6 month offer is really good. few sentances on step by step instructions would have helped.


Thanks but we need more info, can someone please make an idiots guide for us by putting the correct links up and explaining what we do step by step? cheers


Ok i translated the whole email. AVAST-use users love / prefer AVAST users Thank you for your registration. With this link you can download your personal registration file. Registry File: http://www.my-avast.de/aktion/AVAST/down/ty/index.php Com's article goes like this: http://www.globell.com/aktion/Comsogehts/COMsogehts_0811_avast_IS.pdf The program activation you please save this file onto your desktop or in My Documents, where you can find this file again. Licensing can be done in different ways, you have to the software avast! Internet Security directly from the DVD issue of the magazine com! So user's will. Once you start the software installation you will be guided through a setup wizard through the installation. You will be asked in the further course of installation for a valid license file. Now you just need to select the directory where you saved the downloaded license file. This license information is read directly from the installation. You should download avast! Internet Security have been installed as a demo, the licensing is done directly in the program. For this you should already described above, download the license file, and save. To carry out the licensing, you first open the software and select the tab "Administration" menu "subscription" from. There appears "to insert license file" in the window of a button. This window allows you to click and find the path where you saved the license file. Once you have selected your license file, you will be asked by the program whether you want to paste the license information. This you can confirm with "YES" and the process is completed. It is also possible the license file with an already installed demo version directly read. This works on the license file you saved previously. Just select the license file with a left mouse click and then press the right mouse button. Once the menu appears, move the mouse on the menu item "Open With" and select "aswChLic.." After you have made your selection, you will be asked whether you want to insert the license file and confirm this with "Yes". Now the process is closed. Once your license file has been read correctly, including the subscription information, your valid license period are displayed. We hope that this guide an aid in the licensing of your avast! Internet Security have been to and wish you a safe time with your AVAST software. Sincerely, Listen Read phonetically New! Click the words above to view alternate translations. Dismiss

Free Avast Antivirus 6 *New Version* @ Avast
Found 24th Feb 2011Found 24th Feb 2011
Antivirus and anti-spyware engine Improved Innovative scanning engine protects against viruses, spyware, and other malicious agents. Real-time anti-rootkit protection Prevents st… Read more

Here are some results for zero day threats: http://malwareresearchgroup.com/malware-tests/flash-test-results/


This is meaningless unless you explain that these refer to the number of tests conducted over several years (on different O.S. platforms) and in a lot of cases include early (and therefore inherently immature) product releases. For example the last Kaspersky failure was in Feb 2011 whereas the Avast one was in Dec 2008 yet the summary you posted, by virtue of its selective nature, does not make any reference to the significance (or not) of the figures. As a consequence it could be construed that Kaspersky currently performs better during their testing; which it clearly did not do (i.e. 85.7% as opposed to 63.5%). Anyone wishing to delve further into Virus Bulletins 100 should look Here.


Virus Bulletin 100 results VB100 Results Overview: Eset / NOD32 66 (95.7%) Success / 3 Failure / 5 No Entry VB100 Results Overview: Kaspersky Internet Security 6 (85.7%) Success / 1 Failure / 67 No Entry VB100 Results Overview: Microsoft Security Essentials 3 (75%) Success / 1 Failure / 70 No Entry VB100 Results Overview: avast! 40 (63.5%) Success / 23 Failure / 11 No Entry pls watch NO ENTRY, means was not tested


how is this compared to Microsoft Security Essentials?


Does it actually work? Normally most trails leave a registry key or a file to show that it has been installed before.

Free 1 Year Avast License @ Avast
Found 4th Jan 2011Found 4th Jan 2011
Register for your Free avast! 1 Year License avast! Free Antivirus works for 30 days after installation in trial mode (or 60 days for avast Home 4.8) After this period you need to … Read more

Also does a good job if you can afford to buy an antivirus. LOL. Seriously tho, I use it myself but I never really get hits from it because I know what to lookout for. I reckon its better than AVG at the moment.


MSE 2 is on a par, AVG doesn't come close at all period.


I've used this and apart from slowing the computer down!!!, it is rubbish. AVG is a lot better security wise, even still is Microsoft Security suite2. If you have an ISP or Bank account, ask them for their free security suite, most do them, some of the smaller ones or Virgin only provide it when you ask unless you download it from their website Was this not always free, do you know need 1yr licences?


Come along ,girls, ( mittu1,jumpingphil, et al ) it's too early to argue !.


It's always been free, does a good job if you can't afford to buy an antivirus

Avast! Internet Security-Half Price £27.48
Found 14th Jun 2010Found 14th Jun 2010
Antivirus and anti-spyware Essential protection for everybody who uses a PC. avast! Sandbox Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications. Silent Fir… Read more
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Leave me alone, your avatar is scaring mine.


Haha, actually Im not thick either, I WAS being patronising tehe!! :roll:


Haha, actually i'm not thick, i WAS being sarcastic! tehe!


+1 people pay for security? :w00t:


If thats the case, perhaps "Is Avast internet security is free now?" would have sounded less sarcastic than "Avast internet security is free now is it?" :thumbsup:

Download Avast! free Antivirus -60 day trial (just re-install it when time over)
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
Over 100 million people have avast protecting their computers, making avast one of the worlds leading and most trusted antivirus programs. Well I use this Anti virus program and… Read more

my bad for the wording....sorry.


do we really want to see the freebies section taken over with every piece of software that has a free trial?


Yep the free version is just fine - who'd want to re-install every 60days? Avast! nearly lost me with their bodged update a month or so back (reporting any and every application as a virus) - took me around 6 hours to recover my two computers :x - That said it's the only issue I've had in around five years... Not voting as Avast! is great but the wording on this deal is pants :giggle:


Correct, I second that. been using the free version for years. great software and i find it better than AVG!


or sign up and get the free version permanently....