Avatar Extended Collector's Edition DVD £9.97 @ Amazon

Avatar Extended Collector's Edition DVD £9.97 @ Amazon

Found 19th Nov 2010
Experience the spectacular world of James Cameron's Avatar as never before with this all-new three-disc extended collector’s edition. The journey begins with three movie versions: the original theatrical release, the special edition re-release, and the exclusive extended cut not shown in theaters. And that's just what's on the first Blu-ray disc. The set's bonus feature run more than eight hours and include over 45 minutes of deleted scenes; actor's screen tests; on-location footage; feature-length documentaries on the film's groundbreaking production; an interactive scene-deconstruction feature that lets you explore different levels of production for 17 scenes; a comprehensive guide to the world of Pandora; and more. The greatest adventure of all time just got bigger and better.


the bonus features may be interesting for a while for the whole technical wizardry put in.
but if you peel away the veneer, the film itself is just ok. it's a summer action film, nothing more.

Fazzy is right.

The story is decent enough, but what makes the film so special is the visuals, and you just wouldn't get that in a DVD version. You'd be better off buying the Blu-Ray version to be honest, and just waiting until you upgrade to a Blu-Ray player if you haven't already.
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