Avent 120ml/4oz pack of 2 for £1 @ Asda

Avent 120ml/4oz pack of 2 for £1 @ Asda

Found 8th Feb 2011Made hot 8th Feb 2011
Just bought a pack these from Asda (cardiff bay)
really good bottles used them with my first baby
hope it helps someone..


Hi, I've just popped the retailer into the title so that it can be seen in text view, which is used by many members. In my experience, this may get you a few more hot votes.

I have also added an image to your post and the link now goes to Avent products at Asda.

Thanks for posting.
Best regards, Chesso

it is aslo £1 online.

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thanks Chesso

I checked Asda online but cudnt find them, so im guessing its instore

You're welcome
It's both online and instore and the link should now go to the page of Avent products, including your deal.

Link dont work

Are these new born or older?

Showing as £10 for me

Picked up 1 pack instore for a quid - a bit small for our kids but they had larger bottles (£4.99/2 pack)
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