Avent Natural bottle 260ml/9oz TRIPLE pack ONLY £4.88 TESCO INSTORE

Avent Natural bottle 260ml/9oz TRIPLE pack ONLY £4.88 TESCO INSTORE

Found 7th Jan 2015Made hot 8th Jan 2015
This is an INSTORE deal, it is £12.33 on the Tesco website but INSTORE says from £19.50!

Thought this was quite cheap and would be useful for new mummy's.

Did a quick search and most places seem to be around the £14 mark, Amazon previously has had it for £7.25 and I've never seen it this cheap before. This was INSTORE in North Shields and there was 3 packs left if anyone near by wants one


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Any others reduced?

Great find, will have a look in my local today.

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Any others reduced?

There was a few tommi tippee ones but weren't as good offer as this one. Others were roughly a fiver cheaper than their normal price If I remember correctly
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These are great bottles. especially for breast fed babies.

Great deal for bottle fed babies. These are normally expensive.

Is it world wide

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Is it world wide

If u mean nationwide then I am unsure. I went at 1am so wasn't much people about to ask

not nationwide

Sadly not in the bradford great horton store but a fab deal no less

just managed to get 2 packs of 2 for £3.77 each in my local Tesco! they didnt have the 3 pack. shelf price was £12.50 though so worth scanning!!
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