AVerTV Digital TV PCI Card - £29.99 @ Maplin
AVerTV Digital TV PCI Card - £29.99 @ Maplin

AVerTV Digital TV PCI Card - £29.99 @ Maplin

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Product Features
* Watch free digital terrestrial TV
* Digital text and EPG (Electronic programme guide)
* Includes remote control
* Enhanced 16:9 wide-format display
* Fast channel switching and scanning
* 16 channel preview
* Record/playback live TV programmes and video
* Time-shifting and scheduled recording
* Real-time digital video recording in MPEG2
* Still image capture in JPEG, TIF or BMP format
* Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-on-picture (POP) function
* Windows 2000 / XP and Vista


Original Poster


This is all over the place!

It seems that the review you quote is for the hybrid card, but this does not have those features, such as video capture (that one is £49.99 at Maplins)
The picture shown is NOT the one from the Maplin site either - it is the PLUS model, that has FM Radio, that this one hasn't! For the Digital model that is this price See maplin.co.uk/Mod…086

However the higher spec Aver card whihc does have hybrid function AND FM radio too is on sale here at a lower price £29.90 Delivered!: mediaatlantic.com/pro…46/
so it makes the Maplin offer very poor in comparison :-(

(It maye be cheaper elsewhere, as this was the first I came across!)

Had too many bad experiences buying from Maplin, returning goods for refund is never easy. They like to deduct 20% restocking charge, i am never buying from them again if i can avoid it and recommend everyone else think hard before buying from them.

Original Poster

Cold but no one has suggested a better card for this kind of money


Cold but no one has suggested a better card for this kind of money

That's a bit strong, and besides, it is no surprise it is cold seeing as you couldn't even get the right card, matched to the right link & the right picture! :-(

If you read my first post again, you will see I HAVE suggested a far better card for "this sort of money." Not everyone lives next to Maplin, so the delivered price is still LESS than the original card!

I can suggest any amount of cards cheaper.
The word "better" is something to argue about for days, I suggest you chose it thinking this Aver card is "better" in some way than others, but I won't be agreeing with you! I don't see Avermedia as anything special or not - I have had Aver kit before, (and spent a lot of time wastefully chasing drivers that would work too, as I changed OS!) So I would call it, OK, nothing more nothing less! I probably would not go so cheap, and go for a better supported name, merely for reasons of support with the software I would be using, and available or even third party drivers, as well as tech info and help, especially from other user; but seeing as money is the game, then cheap stuff it is!

I will qualify it all by saying I personally wouldn't waste my time on a single tuner card at all.
One of the main points of TV reception on a PC is to record it, an make a workable PVR, so without a dual tuner, then why would you bother, as there are heaps of standalone PVRs that make more sense, so first off how about this DUAL tuner card?
£22.95 inc Vat, as with the original post, delivery is extra, so that makes it a bit cheaper even! As with any, if you live local to them, you could collect.
It has all the functions and a whole lot more.

If you MUST go for single tuner Electrowise have this single tuner version:
£16.99 inc vat plus delivery
Not got PiP, but has got radio functions, and is a lot cheaper!

TV Sticks can be even cheaper, but they are a bit iffy at best! If you just want TV occasionally, a cheap USB stick receiver would do as much, and I suppose would do if you can't got the PCI slot free, although the PCI card are the better option, if possible,

I personally would go for something that also has TV capture, as I do use that - and for that usually you need a hybrid card, with Analogue tuner too, again usually dearer, and I would be looking for cards supported by the various media centre software such as Mediaportal or GB-PVR which I already use (but not for TV recording), but of course that is a much bigger picture, and more personal to the user's intentions, and price will not be the only factor in making a decision.
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