Avia Limited Edition Mens Dual Time Chronograph Watch - £26.98 Delivered (with code) @ British Watch Company

Avia Limited Edition Mens Dual Time Chronograph Watch - £26.98 Delivered (with code) @ British Watch Company

Found 27th Apr 2011
Enter the discount code WATCHOO5 to get the 10% discount.

This watch is an Avia 320401. It is nicely made, with unfussy styling. A lot of watches like this are covered in dials and visual clutter.

The case is stainless steel and it has a nice leather strap - black on the outside and soft buff leather surface on the inside. Its water resistant to 5 atmospheres - it should be fine for splashes of water, but the strap won't appreciate getting soaked for long periods.

It has an analogue dial with a second hand. There is a digital display where you get the day, date, alarm, dual time and stopwatch. It means that on May 1st, it will show the correct date rather than showing the date as 31st as you would get with watches with a mechanical date display.

There is no backlight. If there is any luminous paint on the hands, its not very bright.

When you add the watch to your shopping cart, you are passed onto Amazon, who handle the payment and shipping. Enter the discount code WATCHOO5 to get a 10% discount. The listing page for the watch says that this is a "Bank Holiday" discount, but it still seems to work. Delivery is free.

It says that the watch has been discounted from £59.95. Most other places are selling it for between £35 and £40.

It says its a limited edition - mine is numbered 444/500 on the back. It comes in a presentation box. The box is made from vinyl, but it is quite a nice one as these things go. I've never heard of the Avia brand. It says it was established in 1910. Whatever, I'm sure this is a model that has come out of a factory in China, rather than being hand crafted by a Swiss artisan. Personally, I just want a watch that looks OK, is comfortable, works reliably and tells me the correct time, day and date.
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Of the competing watches:

A hotukdeals.com/dea…550 is cheap, reliable and gets the right time, day and date. They are also pretty robust. Unfortunately, I get a rash from the plastic strap. I've replaced the strap with a leather one, but the standard expanding pins aren't the correct size for the holes on the case, so the strap falls off.

Cheap Casio analogue/digital watches have a resin crystal (the "glass" bit on the front). These pick up scratches really easily.

I had a Timex Expedition, a bit like amazon.co.uk/Tim…H2Y but the buttons got really stiff after a year or two

I had a Sekonda a bit like amazon.co.uk/Sek…8NG but with a steel bracelet. It was really heavy and the battery didn't last long.

I then upped my budget and spent £80 on a Casio WaveCeptor watch (the RRP was £250). It seemed to have everything - it picked up the time from a radio transmitter, it was solar powered, the case was titanium, so it wasn't too heavy. Downsides were that the case had some plastic trim which wore out and looked a bit tacky. The controls were really complicated, with several different modes, so I had to refer to the manual if I moved to another time zone and had to change the time (I thought that it might have worked this out for itself when I was in Berlin, but it didn't). In the end I lost it at an airport security check.

I bought one of these from eBay http://****.co.uk/Rad…624 and it was surprisingly nice for the price (£10.49), but the battery only lasted about 6 months

I then bought a £15 watch at Lidl. It was pretty good, with an analogue dial and digital display, backlight and a nice leather strap and radio reception. After a year or so, the button for the backlight got stuck and flattened the battery.
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