AVIA Women's Trainers only £18.75 delivered @ Amazon

AVIA Women's Trainers only £18.75 delivered @ Amazon

Found 20th Jul 2011
Bargain, normally at least twice this price and up to £75 elsewhere:-

AVIA Women's Iburn 9000w-waf Trainer
AVIA Women's Itone 9999w-wsk Trainer
AVIA Women's Avitone 395w-wld Trainer

AVIA Women's Iburn 9000w-waf Trainer:-
The AVI-Motion evolution continues in the new iburn. Featuring AVIA's new Double Rocker technology designed to promote even greater muscle activity at both heel and forefoot lift off. If you have tried the ishape or the itone, you'll be ready to take it to the next level in the iburn.

AVIA Women's Itone 9999w-wsk Trainer:-
One part engineering, one part toning. The patent-pending AVI-Motion™ is the first biomechanically-correct toning shoe that allows your foot to move naturally. Take your first steps and feel what it’s like to walk again.

AVIA Women's Avitone 395w-wld Trainer:-
The shoes feature a rocker sole as in many of the toning shoe range, however they are one of the few toning shoes which offer natural flexing of the foot, and the only one to offer both dorsal and lateral flexing. The soles of the shoes bend with your foot to offer the maximum movement and greatest comfort.

Lots of sizes / styles available
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Edited by: "andywedge" 20th Jul 2011
These look a bit ugly
thanks .bought the iburn one, which seems to be with latest technology.
Is it still £18.75? the price went up to £22.50. Are there any promotional codes to enter? thx in advance
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