Avid Juicy 5 MTB brake kits £113.95 delivered from Merlin Cycles
Avid Juicy 5 MTB brake kits £113.95 delivered from Merlin Cycles

Avid Juicy 5 MTB brake kits £113.95 delivered from Merlin Cycles

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Sale on the excellent Avid Juicy 5 Mountain Bike Brake kits from Merlin Cycles.A superb upgrade to any MTB and Merlin are a great company to deal with in my experience.The Juicy 5 kits are only £119.95 delivered (less 5% discount) = £113.95.Sets include rotors

Order online in the month of November and the more you spend the more you save, 5% off orders over £100 7.5% off orders over £150 and 10% offorders over £200.

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Great price. Chain Reaction Cycles is normally the cheapest, but, ]they have them for £120 (£59.99x2)
So, you are saving £6 off them (CRC).

Bigger pic:

My '07 Specialised Stumpjumper FSR Comp came with these as standard (with 185/160 rotors). Cannot fault them. Personally, I upgraded to the Juicy 7's as (a) I have too much spare cash, (b) wanted the adjustable bite-point of the 7's, and (c) I like to buy new bits for my bike!!
But, the 5's are great!

They are fully hydraulic, and come pre-bled. So much easier to use than mechanical disc brakes - and a world apart in ability from V (aka: rim) brakes. Fitting replacement pads is a joy, takes 2mins, you may consider new pads expensive at £7 (ebay) to £15 (Avid). But, when tearing down a mountain, you need brakes you can trust.

A very worthy first upgrade for anyone into their MTB'ing, or just getting into it.

My 2nd bike (Specialised Rockhopper) came with rim-brakes. So, I'll probably pick up some of these to upgrade it to disc.

Things you should be aware of:-
1. Can your bike frame take hydraulic brakes? (Does it have mount points on the rear triangle, and on the forks?)
2. Are your wheels/hubs disc compatible? (if they are, you'll see 6 bolt-holes on the hubs). If they aren't, you're going to need new wheels - ]brakes+wheels=£239.
3. Do you have separate brake and gear levers? Or, is it a 'dual-control' (all-in-one)? If it is, you are going to need to buy new gear levers.
4. The larger the disc diameter, the better the stopping power, the quicker the disc cools - but, the more force it imparts upon the bike frame. 160mm (and less) is fine for around town. But, you might want to consider 185's for the front if you plan on hitting the hills.
5. To that effect, the price for 2x160 is £119.95, 2x185 is £124.95, 185/160 is £134.95!! - So, if you want to go bigger than 160, don't pick the 185/160. Buy the 185/185, it's cheaper by a tenner!!

NB: 160mm rotor's alone are £23-25/each.
185's are £27-30/each.
The page doesn't make clear whether these are 07 or 08 models. But, if you hunt around, you'll find the 08's on another page - therefore, assume these are '07.
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