Avira 3 Month anti virus Licence
Avira 3 Month anti virus Licence

Avira 3 Month anti virus Licence

Free three month trial of Avira premium security suite


Avira is what I use, would have got this if I hadn't already got the free edition. Supposed to have one of the highest detection rates for new unreported viruses :thumbsup:

This is a good deal for the premium version as the free is great (same engine but this covers email as well)

Avira is the only AV I have paid for, £10 for 2 years mind! It is great on older machines, and the detection is brill, however the settings need to be changed to scan all files when it is installed instead of smart scan

Again, I ask the "lurkers" to give reasons why this is cold if it is supposed to be so good according to the only 2 members of Hot Uk Deals that seem to be bothered enough to help the rest of us by recording their informed comments here.

This item is even mentioned in the AVG post, as being better than AVG.

The Microsoft Office 2010 beta post has not had a similar bashing, even though that it is also time-limited free software, albeit lasting until October 2010 before blackmailing us into uninstalling or purchasing.

I would rather not vote cold, but certainly cannot vote hot, as 3 months is a waste of time. I assume a free version exists somewhere, I use AVG and several other programs to protect my machines so I am not going to hunt for any truely free download link as I fel it is not worht the trouble for such a short time.

However, others might like to try this, so why make it vanish from the default HOT search results that you get when using hotukdeals by default on login.

At least I have explained my reasons why I do not think it that good a deal, even though this time it has not affected the post's overall rating.
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