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6 months of Avira Phantom VPN Pro FREE
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Site is German but there is not a free UK equivalent. Switch your translator on/or use your noggin and you should be able to navigate the site easily enough. Simply enter your em… Read more

It's probably now over subscribed lol


worked a treat but now it is disconnecting frequently. anyone know a fix?


I dont even make it that far :( found a comment on their forum from a year or so ago about my issue but the german guy never got any help.


Yep all runs fine, can change all the locations etc... Blocks popups (and I can take that off). Runs as it should, I imagine. However, being abroad I wanted to use it for streaming iPlayer and it would appear that BBC have blocked them.


Thats weird that you can run it without issue. Have you fully run the program? Mine installs fine but the vpn throws java script errors and does not run.

FREE 1 YEAR Phantom VPN pro @ AVIRA
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
FREE 1 YEAR Phantom VPN pro @ AVIRA
Title says all... No credit card details needed. German website (but legit) Not sure how fast it is but worth try for free...



Is that still valid??


I get some good download speeds so I am impressed so far.


Has this ended? As just taking me to Index now :(


I had the same problem. I changed my online Avira Connect profile to English, but the actual Phantom VPN launcher was still in the German language. I did what wozukSilencer suggested uninstalling and re-installing the program and it re-installed with the English language on the Phantom VPN launcher. Still gives me a full year of the pro edition so I am quite pleased. :)

avira 6 months free protection for your PC
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
avira 6 months free protection for your PC
6 months free protection for your PC
Avira Antivirus 3 computers for 1 year - £29.99
Found 5th Aug 2016Found 5th Aug 2016
Avira Antivirus 3 computers for 1 year - £29.99
Avira Olympics Promotion - 3 Computers for 1 Year for £29.99, over 50% off
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Read some anti-malware boffins at bleeping computer advising against avira.


not worth paying when their free version is so good

Avira Antivirus Security PRO fopr Android "IF YOU NEED IT"
Found 17th Jan 2016Found 17th Jan 2016
Avira Antivirus Security PRO fopr Android "IF YOU NEED IT"
You can download free version of Avira over GooglePlayStore, install it and inside the menu go to Upgrade insert the code: TFZZZ-ZZZVF-XLXSN-CDFV6-RM8YV On the other hand you can … Read more

Not working for me either


It doesn't seem to be working for me, for some reason? .. I experienced same as what some of the others above me experienced too, so I have no idea?.


I don't know about you but: http://beste-apps.chip.de/android/app/avira-antivirus-security-pro-android-app,cxo.87058857/# I don't speak German?, lol.


OP .. "On the other hand you can enter it inside the website and send a link to download via SMS..." .. DOESN'T HAPPEN?, so ..... :-( Lol.


Yeah, tried to upgrade through my existing app and although it says success and I can now start using 'Pro' features, nothing appears to have changed? Any ideas?

FREE Avira antivirus 2015 for PC, Mac, Android and iOS  @ avira.com
Found 16th Feb 2015Found 16th Feb 2015
FREE Avira antivirus 2015 for PC, Mac, Android and iOS @ avira.com
free antivirus for your pc, mac or smartphone, I am not sure it was listed here before, but it could help someone



That's just so untrue. free ones are not bad as s some are better than paid ones. only pcs I've fixed with viruses are paid ones particularly when the sub runs out or corruption to the software


Avast in silent/gaming mode is my favourite. Don't even know it's there, but has kept me safe thus far. I also do a monthly scan with Malwarebytes.


it's quite the opposite actually. I found it used much less system resources than Norton did.


Ha ha! My 15 years in network security says different. Also, if they really were experts, they wouldn't be using Norton. BTW, Kaspersky would be a MUCH better bet than anything built in.

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Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 1 (Year License) Direct from Avira £6.59
Found 22nd Jul 2013Found 22nd Jul 2013
Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 1 (Year License) Direct from Avira £6.59
How To --------- Visit this URL; 1. www.avira.com/en/avira-free-antivirus 2. Click on Free Download 3. You will be get a 50% off offer (if you don't get this go to Step 7). 4. Cli… Read more
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Took a few goes but ended up getting it for £6.59! Many thanks :)


True, but for the small outlay is it not better to have one that catches the highest percentage ? * I used ESET once a few years ago but switched to Avira (due to it's top notch web security) after I was infected from an adobe PDF exploit at the time.


Even the highly rated AV's don't catch everything though - ESET being one of them! I haven't had any issues with MSE


Because the paid for versions score better in av tests. For such a small amout, it's worth it.


There is a plenty of free AV programs on the market. I do not see any point of buying it.

Free Avira 3 months license
Found 17th Oct 2010Found 17th Oct 2010
Free Avira 3 months license
Protect your settlers for three months with a full version of Avira for free. The new Avira Premium Security Suite protects you in a comprehensive way against the dangers from the… Read more

This is one of the better ones out there.


Thanks, it has some nice reviews, I am using the free version before, will upgrade to full with this licence :)


Cheers - H&R it's got some good reviews here: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/software/357832/avira-premium-security-suite-10





Avira 3 Month anti virus Licence
Found 26th Jan 2010Found 26th Jan 2010
Avira 3 Month anti virus Licence
Free three month trial of Avira premium security suite
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Again, I ask the "lurkers" to give reasons why this is cold if it is supposed to be so good according to the only 2 members of Hot Uk Deals that seem to be bothered enough to help the rest of us by recording their informed comments here. This item is even mentioned in the AVG post, as being better than AVG. The Microsoft Office 2010 beta post has not had a similar bashing, even though that it is also time-limited free software, albeit lasting until October 2010 before blackmailing us into uninstalling or purchasing. I would rather not vote cold, but certainly cannot vote hot, as 3 months is a waste of time. I assume a free version exists somewhere, I use AVG and several other programs to protect my machines so I am not going to hunt for any truely free download link as I fel it is not worht the trouble for such a short time. However, others might like to try this, so why make it vanish from the default HOT search results that you get when using hotukdeals by default on login. At least I have explained my reasons why I do not think it that good a deal, even though this time it has not affected the post's overall rating.


This is a good deal for the premium version as the free is great (same engine but this covers email as well) Avira is the only AV I have paid for, £10 for 2 years mind! It is great on older machines, and the detection is brill, however the settings need to be changed to scan all files when it is installed instead of smart scan


Avira is what I use, would have got this if I hadn't already got the free edition. Supposed to have one of the highest detection rates for new unreported viruses :thumbsup:

Avira Antivirus 10 months free with 12 month sub
Found 16th Sep 2009Found 16th Sep 2009
Avira Antivirus 10 months free with 12 month sub
Starting September 16, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Avira AntiVir Personal by giving you 10 months of extra cover free! All you need to do is to buy Avira AntiVi… Read more
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You're missing the point completely and I've ran out of patience. Please anyone else if you're reading this don't listen to him.


yes businesses having problems are popular, i dont dispute that they hire people like you to take care of such issues, its unlikely a business network is going to be infected for a long period of time.. this deal isnt for a corporate licence, its for personal use, which i see as useless and they do take up resources if theyre constantly scanning files, dont be ridiculous


You don't seem to get it, most A/V products I've used use minimal resource. On my personal PC it makes absolutely no difference to the running speed if I have one installed or not (as I've done tests with different A/Vs using VMs and snapshots). If you had of taken your laptop on a network with a machine infected with the conficker virus, and seeing as you do use other networks it's perfectly reasonably to assume you could come across this, you would more than likely have become infected. I know this because the company I work got part infected and I had to investigate the spread of it as well as uninstalling it. Those PCs and servers with up to date A/V software stopped the virus in its tracks. I actually deliberately tried infecting a test lab with it to see how it propagated and infected, I know for a fact the A/V software caught the virus trying to infect the computer as I witnessed it both in the software and in the registry and process explorer. You don't know what you're talking about plain and simple!


petermerritt fails so bad he deletes his posts :-D

Get Avira Premium Security Suite Free for 6 Months inc. Anti Virus/Firewall + More
Found 19th Apr 2009Found 19th Apr 2009
Get Avira Premium Security Suite Free for 6 Months inc. Anti Virus/Firewall + More
Avira, in collaboration with PC Advisor magazine, is offering a free six months license to its premium security suite. USE LINK ON THE FIRST POST!! this is currently a freebie wi… Read more
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It's only a month now was just going to compare this to Eset.


Voted hot, this is the best AV on the market imho - internet suite is excellent. Just registed today so it is still active


Not a fan of security suite, much prefer the standalone AV, on my second 3 month free trial with that.


dunno rich42fl, i tried mrs. and it worked fine! I'm guessing they don't support the idea of "independent women in charge of their own lives". Thanks for this deal, I love avira, been using it for a year now.


thank you! such a good deal, had about 20 days left till expiry :)