Aviva Home Insurance - Free Contents Insurance (up to £55,000)
Aviva Home Insurance - Free Contents Insurance (up to £55,000)

Aviva Home Insurance - Free Contents Insurance (up to £55,000)

Buy buildings insurance and get contents insurance up to £55,000 free when you buy your insurance together from Aviva*.

If you're a new customer and have three or more claim-free years on your current buildings and contents insurance, you can get the Aviva deal.

Just done it for my dad. The quote for basic insurance I got online was £60 cheaper than his current insurer, Cashback is available but I did it on the phone and with other additional items he required the telephone quote ended up £130 cheaper


i did quotes through these and they were 3 x dearer than the average results don't bother

over priced

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£206 from Aviva equivalent from Churchill £336. How can that be overpriced?

Was double my present quote, package looks ok on paper though

Same with me double.

With Aviva your profile fits with tehm or it doesn't, for us no-one can come anywhere near for both House/contents ins & Car Ins.
House (3 bed detached) with free contents & accidental cover & £2k of cover for valubles abroad £152 less £45 Quidco = £107
Car BMW 318iSE Insured & Spouse & business cover for both, protected NCB & legal cover £247 for renewal, next nearest after hours of searching £358, Direct Line £480.
Both renewed in past 2 months, can't get anyone near their prices for us but I know others don't have the same success.

Aviva was cheapest for me too this year for 2 cars and house insurance and had quidco on top too

Quotes for me and parents with that lot were just so expensive, I thought they were taking the pill.

As it was, Sainsbury's had £110 Quidco cashback, and Halifax gave £50 to parents, and were alreaedy low quotes, so had buildings and contents for little over £100, in 2 different parts of the country.

Don't bank on cashback, just ensure you've got the right cover, at the right price, from a reputable organisation.

as usual loyal existing customers miss out.


as usual loyal existing customers miss out.

Dont think they do, got my renewal from Aviva last week it was 50p more expensive than last year when i got the free contents included.

Did this a few weeks ago - worked out over £200 cheaper than my previous insurer including £75 quidco.
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