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Aviva Drive App Save 48% on annual policy
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Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
Hi all, It's not a new deal, but thought it was worth reminding people as I've just saved £720!! All you need to do is download the Aviva Drive App and drive like miss daisy for … Read more
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Bad times


Yes, recieved email from them few weeks back 'Aviva Drive is being withdrawn from service at 23.59 on 1st September 2020, so the app will no longer work after that date.'


The app discountinues now seems like.


I'm now certain but I think it is, maybe give them a call to check


Is the 20% additional discount still going on if you have the annual travel insurance? Can’t seem to find any information on this on their website

Free £50 M&S voucher with Life Insurance cover Over 50s @ Aviva - plus cashback with quidco
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Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
Free £50 M&S voucher with Life Insurance cover Over 50s @ Aviva - plus cashback with quidco
What our Over 50s plan offers Choose the life cover you need based on what you want to pay each month. Your premiums are fixed and there's no medical to apply… Read more
Free £10 Amazon gift card Valid for 10 years from AVIVA insurance for logging into your AVIVA insurance account
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Free £10 Amazon gift card Valid for 10 years from AVIVA insurance for logging into your AVIVA insurance accountFREE£10
Just a headsup. Not sure it will work for you but try your luck. Remember there was an Aviva deal - Free Parent insurance for children under 4 years. I signed up for it and i lo… Read more

Thanks. Mine came from a letter and not an email. I'll try and find a way to contact them about that.


You wont receive a gift card on post. Apparently it is a code you can apply to your amazon account and give you credit. See picture.


Nowt for me either, I have been with them for years as well, No such thing as perks for loyal Customers


Me too. Received that and followed the instructions to set up about a year ago but never got the £10 gift card. There is no number or email to contact them for this offer either!


no amazon voucher for me here. I received a £10 M&S voucher from them 2 years ago though.

Free Aviva Parent Insurance cover of £15000 for every parent of child under 4
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Free Aviva Parent Insurance cover of £15000 for every parent of child under 4
A year of free protection for parents Your child’s first years are among the most important – so being prepared for anything life throws your way is vital. That’s why we offer a ye… Read more
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I remember one of the life insurance quote I looked at said it will reduce payout if there are multiple policies from other companies paying for the same claim/event. So I guess it is down to small print in T&C. Better will check in my current policy too.


Both the payment and the payout amount are fixed for the duration of the policy. You can get decreasing cover (for example if you want it to cover the mortgage and the payout reduce as the mortgage balance reduces), which is cheaper. Mine is from Legal & General, because it was the cheapest for the cover I wanted at the time. As with any insurance though, different firms will be cheaper for different people under different circumstances. The younger you are when you get the cover, the cheaper it is- friends of mine of a similar age have looked recently and not been able to get near the price I am paying. You can run the comparison sites for this sort of cover https://www.moneysupermarket.com/life-insurance/level-term/ https://www.uswitch.com/life-insurance/level-term-life-insurance/ Oh yeah- one more point; put the policy into trust. This is free, and it means that your payout is not considered part of your estate. This means (a) that there is no delay- the money goes straight to whoever is nominated without having to wind up your estate first, and (b) that it is outside inheritance tax rules. Takes an hour or so of getting your head round the sort of trust you need but it's well worth the investment of time. This is the sort of thing you set up properly once and forget for the next 20 years.


Thanks jules for your info, it' made me consider this life insurance thing more seriously! kudos


Worth checking with your employer if employed by a large company.. I got 10x death in service as part of my pension scheme. I added 125k life and cic for my wife and I and we pay £12 a month salary sacrifice. Covers ends if I leave though.


Yes true, most pay more than this for a mobile phone contract. Where did you get this cover? And is your monthly premium fixed or is it due to increasing after every year?

Aviva Drive app free dashcam facility - on Google Play/IOS
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Posted 10th Aug 2018Posted 10th Aug 2018
Aviva Drive app free dashcam facility - on Google Play/IOS
The Aviva drive app now comes with a free dashcam facility. Some insurers (e.g. LV) ask when you take out cover if you have a dashcam and this reduces the price. Don't forget y… Read more
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Its better to get a dedicated dash cam rather than overheat your phone.


"Some insurers (e.g. LV) ask when you take out cover if you have a dashcam and this reduces the price." I answer no to this, even though I have one. If you have an incident and your dash-cam just happens to have been damaged, stolen or just randomly didn't record (for example due to an SD card failure, or a blown fuse therefore no power) then what will happen? In the best case you could be asked to pay the discount the dash-cam entitled you to and in the worst case, you could face a claim of insurance fraud.




I suppose you could leave your phone permanently on charge while it's in your car, but with dashcams so cheap, why thrash your phone battery?


So you'll need to charge your phone couple times a day then? No thanks

Wealthify (Aviva) fee free for 12 months - invest as little as £1
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Posted 27th Jun 2018Posted 27th Jun 2018
Wealthify (Aviva) fee free for 12 months - invest as little as £1£1
Invest through Aviva and for the first year pay no Weathify fees! Cheap and easy way to get into investments if you are interested to try. Money is at risk etc but start with £1 … Read more
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I did the same . I opted for the highest risk investments which proved not to be so so poor performance.


I signed up when MSE had a £40 cashback for £400 investment. Currently up to £402.46 and expecting the £40 in August. May be worth waiting until another deal like that comes along just to add a bit of a safety net :)


Signed up a couple of weeks ago - nice iOS app but they don't show individual funds unit purchase price, nor the amount of each fund - all you get is a graph, a list of funds but no idea which, if any are making a profit or loss. I'm less than impressed with customer support as they say there is no assurance that this information will be made available, so how can anyone tell which funds to invest in or drop. Also, you have limited choice - Wealthify don't let you select funds - you are 100% at their mercy.


Interesting... Experts, please their in your two pence worth of advise...

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Free Annual Multi trip Europe travel insurance through Aviva (MyAccount)
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Posted 10th May 2018Posted 10th May 2018
Free Annual Multi trip Europe travel insurance through Aviva (MyAccount)
Free annual Europe multi trip travel insurance through My Aviva online account Maybe account specific but thought id share. In case its not. Policy cover information https://www.a… Read more

£36 for me - not a bad price tho cheers I'd never have checked


Saw this before Christmas in my account. Decided to wait, then it disappeared. Never came back. Definitely account specific. Would leap at it if it came back!


£150 for me and I have 2 cars insured and a life policy.


Good question ... But I believe the 'criteria' is probably nowt?! (if some/any of the above is anything to go with?, lol).


I have both motor and home contents with them but no freebie. I wonder what criteria they use to give the offer.

Aviva Life Insurance Plan Cashback (min £5 p/m)
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Posted 20th Apr 2018Posted 20th Apr 2018
Aviva Life Insurance Plan Cashback (min £5 p/m)
Plan pays out if you die in the policy term; there is no cash in value. Cashback paid after your 6th monthly premium. More about Aviva’s Life Insurance Plan • Our Life Insuran… Read more

When you die (y)


Where is the cashback ?

Years Life insurance £60 with £100 cash back @ aviva from quidco
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Posted 27th Feb 2018Posted 27th Feb 2018
Years Life insurance £60 with £100 cash back @ aviva from quidco£60
Get life insurance with aviva from £5 per month and get £100 cash back via quidco meaning you will be paid £40 if you take out 1 years cover at £5 per month giving you around £50k … Read more

So is it best to take out a years cover get cash back then do the same next year? We’re both in our 50’s so might get a joint cover, nice to know there is a little extra cover


Cashback is not guranteed. What about if they do not pay you ??


That underwriting decision was probably made by AI, its the latest thing. Robot says No,,,


Well, I'm in my mid-30's, slightly overweight but otherwise OK, good dental health, don't smoke, don't do drugs, drink almost nothing, I'm not on 'meds, I'm in a low-risk job, haven't traveled to the 3rd world, ever, and last time I had a GP issue it was last year for an ingrown toenail (5 days off work, can't use manual car). Oh and I also have car insurance with Aviva. Anyway result: they still wanted to consult an underwriter and today: Based on information on your application we’re unable to offer cover at this time. We will be happy to reconsider a new application in 0 null time This online decision process has been carefully designed to give the same decision that one of our specialist underwriters would have given. We’re confident that referral to one of our underwriters wouldn’t result in a different decision. But on the plus side they were hinting at ~£90K cover for £5/mth, which seems quite good. Guess I just have to try someone else though.


I would check up on that if I were you as you could be doing a disservice to folk who have more than one policy and cancel because what you have said leaving a family considerably poorer. I am fully qualified and directly authorised although I would never tout for business on here, just trying to put the record straight.

£15,000 free life insurance for 1 year - for each parent with a child under 4 @ Aviva
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Refreshed 20th Apr 2018Refreshed 20th Apr 2018
£15,000 free life insurance for 1 year - for each parent with a child under 4 @ Aviva
Good idea to get comprehensive life insurance if you've got young ones, but I've just noticed that Aviva offer free 12 months life insurance per parent of under 4's that pays out £… Read more
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Thankyou :)


Sit down with somebody. Don't apply online. Try your bank? We got our life insurance through Scottish widows via our bank. Good luck.


Can anyone advise on life insurance for those who have had epilepsy / brain tumor? I keep getting declined online


Of course they are, they're an expensive smelly inconvenicnce regardless of upbringing.


Oh obviously kids are born "horrible"...!? Investment topic so let's invest in Children with "our" time to encourage and support them to achieve fulfilment! :o

Aviva FREE Year of travel insurance for existing customers!
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Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
Aviva FREE Year of travel insurance for existing customers!
Just booked my holiday and was looking for travel insurance, logged into my Aviva account and there was an offer for a free years multi trip travel insurance for up to 8 people! Lo… Read more

£15 Topcashback paid! Bonus!!!!!!


Thanks OP, just saved £90 8)




£15 Topcashback has tracked also!! Fingers crossed. (party)


Thanks. This link only offered me 20% off but the other, older link worked fine! Didn’t add baggage cover so won’t be packing anything of value on our hols. Note for UK trip cover your trip needs to include 2 nights of pre-booked accommodation.

Aviva Free Annual European Travel Insurance (existing customer deal)
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Posted 6th Nov 2017Posted 6th Nov 2017
Aviva Free Annual European Travel Insurance (existing customer deal)
It seems that Aviva are offering this to exisiting customers, looks like you have to call to get this though: "As a valued customer we’re delighted to offer you our standard annua… Read more

I've just claimed mine now. Didn't have to call anyone, all done online in about 5 minutes!


Thank you. I logged into my account and the offer was there. https://www.direct.aviva.co.uk/MyPortfolio/ When you get to the end, select "Add extended stay cover " and 90 days. That is free for some reason although it is considered as "extra". My total came to £308.17 and it was all free. I did not select any of the extras, which are listed below: Add baggage cover £25 Add winter sports cover £115.99 Add airspace closure cover £47.52 Add travel disruption cover £34.57 Add extended stay cover £045 Days / 60 Days / 90 Days


All they ask “did you receive a email” just say yes..I got mine no problem..also you don’t have to start it on the day I have started mine on the December 17th as we tend to travel to Christmas markets in Europe around that time of year.


they are rubbish don't get any insurance with them. I just bought travel insurance with them this year. I have to cancel my flight for holiday because I cannot go due to health reason. I even got a doctor letter to say so. I submit my claim and they say I need a letter from my airline air Asia to say it is cannot and I did not get anything back. I used two airline an I managed to get one for one airline but not air Aisa as it is their policy not to do that in writing . it is their policy. because of that Aviva did not pay out anything at all to me. that is rubbish but the airline and the insurance company. never use them again for anything.


Aviva drive gave me 28% off. My score was 8.2 as far as I remember.

Free annual European travel insurance (Existing Aviva customers only)
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Posted 28th Sep 2017Posted 28th Sep 2017
Free annual European travel insurance (Existing Aviva customers only)
I'm am Aviva customer and received this by email today. Useful if you are aviva customer and travelling to Europe. UK holidays are also included as long as they include at least… Read more
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Just ring them. They can verify your details and confirm this.


Seems you can do this easily online. I found their page offering this, but only to holders of HOME insurance policies. Rats. We have motor. That (unless anyone here knows different) just gets you 20% off their pricey cover, according to the 'Thanks for renewing, sucker' email in May. www.aviva.co.uk/freetravelinsuranceoffer/form/free-travel-insurance-offer Terms: Are under 70 years of age.UK citizen. No convictions. Have not received advice, medication or treatment for any medical condition (diagnosed or undiagnosed!) in the last 12 months. 17 day max trip duration Are not aware of any reason why their trip could be cancelled/abandoned, eg illness of a non insured close relative. Have not made more than 2 travel claims in the last 3 years.


Just saved £85. Great


I had to pay an extra £6.32 to insure my bags against theft, loss etc, but still really good!


No....with the flex account European is free....the flex PLUS has a fee but has worldwide insurance...

£75 Amazon voucher for £25 @ Aviva.co.uk
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Posted 23rd Nov 2015Posted 23rd Nov 2015
£75 Amazon voucher for £25 @ Aviva.co.uk£25
Take out life insurance online for £5 a month. After 5 months you qualify for a £75 Amazon voucher. Life insurance can be cancelled at any time though don't take out finance.
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got my 75 amazon today ;o)


Made my 5th Aviva payment last Monday. Anyone know how long voucher takes from experience? Thanks in advance.


Good to hear it worked


Hope mine will arrive any day now :-)


Mine arrived today!

Two exclusive cases of wine for better than half price £84.98 - Aviva Naked Wines offer
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Posted 8th Oct 2015Posted 8th Oct 2015
Two exclusive cases of wine for better than half price £84.98 - Aviva Naked Wines offer£84.98
I found this in my Aviva Advantages as a pensions customer. The best thing as an existing Naked Wines customer is that you can also use these Aviva codes £49.99 for 12 bottles an… Read more

Its also very specific, only for Aviva pensions customers?? I used to buy lots form Naked Wines, but not any more, I found them very overpriced, but deals like this are good value, if you value all the wine in them


Well I suppose you could look at it like that, or experiment and widen your horizons with something new, something supporting small independent winemakers, not Supermarket shareholders and all backed by Naked 100% satisfaction guarantee- money back if you don't enjoy. I don't want to lecture people so sorry about the high horse but I did used to buy all my wine from the supermarkets, however when I took Naked up on a discount offer I haven't looked back since.


Personally for me the selections are too wide. 1/2 this wine I wouldn't want to drink. You get what you pay for and I doubt any of this wine is any better than similar individual priced bottles in the supermarket. I'd rather choose £6 bottles I know I like for Asda like the Marlborough Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs and Malbecs. :)


Sorry! I agree they are good deals and, from experience, the wines are top quality......but I can't see the codes. I also think 'naked' induces the same kind of cold votes on here as when someone mentions 'Apple' - they vote cold because of the brand, regardless of the deal!! Heat added


any one got a polucy number

FREE parent life cover with Aviva if your child is under 5
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Posted 16th Sep 2015Posted 16th Sep 2015
FREE parent life cover with Aviva if your child is under 5
1 year free life insurance for parents of child under 5 (register before child's 4th birthday). Worth £15,000 per parent.
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I have an aviva life policy, it was less than half the price by going through a broker than direct with aviva. Cavendish online was the cheapest broker for me, also got separate policies for myself and wife, rather than a joint one that only pays out once for an extra £2 a month compared with the joint policy. £15K cover much these days.


Free is good but you are going to feel pressured in a year when they ask you to pay to continue. Make sure you spend that year checking out alternatives rather than just carrying on with them.


A sneaky way of harvesting the entire families details!


Correct Link: http://www.aviva.co.uk/life/free-parent-life-cover/


link not working

FREE Aviva parent life cover for £15000
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Posted 12th Jun 2015Posted 12th Jun 2015
FREE Aviva parent life cover for £15000
apologies if this has already been posted (i did search and only thread that showed was a year old) Aviva are giving away 12 months of free parent life cover of £15000, bit of … Read more

There are several policies out there. I've checked mine, and I had a free Tesco life insurance (£10,000 pp) on both on us after 2nd child birth: http://www.tescobank.com/insurance/lifeins/new-parent-free-life-cover.html If you were to play the system, you could quite easily cover both parents for the first 5 years (keep the L&G one until child aged 4)


Probably better to do Aviva one year, then when it expires, switch to L&G. 24 months cover is probably better than twice the amount for 12 months. (You can't repeatedly apply as the T&Cs state: You must not already have Aviva's Free Parent Life Cover or have previously held cover from Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd in respect of the same child.) Actually this sounds like those with two young children, or thinking of going again, could reapply with the second child.


thats cool, could you have both policies at the same time? would work out to 60k for two parents if the worst was to happen


Legal and general do the same but with children up to 5 years old, this is only up to 4 years old. http://www.legalandgeneral.com/life-cover/free-life-cover/


hi sorry, first post and think i hit the wrong button, could mods move if in the wrong area :) although may be useful for parents looking under deals for kids looking at last post i found the last time it came up it was for £10k so theyve upped it a bit,

Northampton Saints v Saracens and Wasps v Leicester Tigers Ticket Giveaway via Aviva
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Posted 4th Apr 2015Posted 4th Apr 2015
Northampton Saints v Saracens and Wasps v Leicester Tigers Ticket Giveaway via Aviva
Just got an email for this: There is an allocation of 3,700 (three thousand seven hundred) tickets for the Northampton Saints match and 1,400 (one thousand, four hundred) tickets … Read more

Before dishing out the sarcasm, maybe you should make sure you have your facts straight. I mean surely as someone who really wants to go to the game, the very first thing you would have done is check ticket prices. And by doing so you would have found out that Wasps have set their Adult match ticket prices at £15 this season. With prices for kids, young adults, and seniors, about half that price. If you can't afford £15 for a ticket, then my guess is you wouldn't be able to go with a free ticket either, as how could you possibly afford the travel costs to get there?


Thanks for your helpful comment but I really can't afford the minimum of £50-60 it will cost for two tickets at the moment. If no-body can spare their code then that's fine but there is no harm in asking as there may be somebody here that doesn't want to go or can't make the dates.


Don't you think everyone who wants to go would like a free ticket? Why don't you stop being cheap and just buy a ticket, they're incredibly good value for top level premiership rugby.


Yep thats the one I am looking for a code for.


Wasps Tigers

Aviva annual boiler cover £2/month
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Posted 1st Apr 2015Posted 1st Apr 2015
Aviva annual boiler cover £2/month£24
aviva are offering a years boiler cover with a free annual boiler service for £2/month,this is an introductory price and will increase after the first years cover ,there is a £95 e… Read more

Yea, it's called home emergency cover for £6.99 a month , completely different service to normal insurance . Just google it


Are you using swinton? Do they cover boiler too under this cover? Thanks


I totally agree ! They are only acting as brokers.


Even better. I think it's far better to go for a free warranty rather than pay for insurance cover.


I bought a Baxi combi which came with a 7 year guarantee, valid so long as it is serviced every year. I paid a local company £2K to replace my old water tank system with that, a price which was less than half British Gas's quote!

Its Back! Hot Drink Mondays - Free Cafe Nero Drink Every Monday for Aviva Customers (Downloading The Aviva App)
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Posted 27th Jan 2015Posted 27th Jan 2015
Its Back! Hot Drink Mondays - Free Cafe Nero Drink Every Monday for Aviva Customers (Downloading The Aviva App)
Due to its success last year, they've now relaunched the "Hot Drink Mondays" for Aviva Customers until the end of the year! Terms & Conditions This offer is only available to … Read more
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If anyone here is with Aviva, they are giving away tickets to the rugby. Anyone here with Aviva that doesn't want their code? Would really appreciate your code as I am not with Aviva. Please feel free to send me a message. Willing to beg :)


well a reminder was nice as I missed it, thanks


Posted 3 months ago for when they initially launched it (ended at the end of December 2014) Now they've announced its back for 2015.


I never count my beans before they brew


Don't count on waitrose free coffee lasting much longer