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AWD-IT 10100F 4.3GHz QUAD Core GTX 1650 4GB Gaming PC £479.99 at AWD-IT
185° Expired

AWD-IT 10100F 4.3GHz QUAD Core GTX 1650 4GB Gaming PC £479.99 at AWD-IT

£479.99 Free P&P FreeAWD-IT Deals
185° Expired
AWD-IT 10100F 4.3GHz QUAD Core GTX 1650 4GB Gaming PC £479.99 at AWD-IT
Posted 11th Jun 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Brand new stock in on the AWD site using an intel 10100F

which has left me on the verge of 50/50.....

Intel 10100F - 4Core 8 Thread
H410 board
8GB option to increase
240gb - option to increase
MB Case
500W PSU


+34.99 for 16GB 2666mhz (anything after is overkill for the boards)
double ssd to 480GB +17.99

#this typical build does not match the usual type of price config i look for.
## but this price £479.99 + 17.99 + 34.99 = 533

£533 total means it is £148 over my 3400G deal

£148 in performance talk for a 1650GPU is good in the market and raw single core speed on the intel 10100 over the ryzen

that is the price difference and the major advantage is the board / CPU..

However: the true calc on the breakdown for this GPU is around £180 going on £200
£180 = using the intel price of the cpu at £107 at current AWD's or if we use old low price when stocks was in at £82 uk.pcpartpicker.com/pro…00f

in my own calc methods this GPU is costing in the breakdown the same price as a 1650S which is bad, but better then other firms using this gpu in calc which are like last years 1660S!

#split personality issue here. im doing a LLT vs nexus here half of me wants to state no its £200 as i usual do things which is yes better then the rest out there but its bad on the breakdown comparable to what we use to have, but on performance wise its only £148 over the ryzen onboard method which is pretty dam impressive in that factor.

and that we look at it simpler:

4core vs 4core
16gb vs 16gb
case vs case in the same league
500w vs 500w

obvious if anyone went onboard / - ur mission is to wait for these type to become lower then both method n wait for used drops as 4GB will flood and is a qs when - its done it before itll do it again.... and ill be posting them.

my end conclusion in total raw performance for the cost of the total build at 8gb or 16GB it works on a performance price for the cost involved vs other things. on the breakdown it will not.
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