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AWD-IT X= Air Mesh Ryzen 5 Six Core Radeon RX 6700XT 12GB Desktop PC for Gaming from £699.99 at AWD-IT

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About this deal

Ryzen 5 5500 (+49.99 5600) (+79.99 5600X) (+109.99 5700X)
Asus A520 Motherboard (+35 B550M Motherboard)
480GB SSD (+34.55 Gen3 1TB Kingston) (+54.99 WD SN770 1TB Gen4 ) (+69.99 Kington KC Series Gen4)
16GB 3200mhz Ram (SPECIAL +29.99 ADATA 32gb Ram) (+7.99 16GB +47.99 32GB Kingston 3600mhz)
Gigabyte 650W Bronze (+29.99 Gold 750W)
PowerColour 6700XT Graphics Card
X=Air Mesh Case White or Black available.

Price from £699.99


"From a respective budget model, to a mighy blown AMD 6700XT Machine, the above deal has something for everyone, an affordable cost no matter the part options taken; an increddable value AMD 6700XT Machine. prebuilt.

As per any line by AWD, once u find the closest one to ur liking, and u want a part exchanging, make an enquiry.
# change of case, # adding a custom air cooler, # change of board, can easily be done.
AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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    If anyone needs any more help -> back laters, off to work. but i think it might be time for a mega as we do have some very good ranges now again, so time to put them together and then u can pick what's best for u, might have time for that laters after work,.

    -wont be tonight, something came up lol. soon. (edited)
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    Hi Sarden

    I just wanted to say thanks for the comprehensive message. I did read a few of your recent threads and someone was saying that you don't post deals... I just wanted to say that all I'm looking for is the best value bang for buck deal, which from what I can make out this is (when compared to the recent offers from Costco).

    I think that if you had a sticky thread where you post latest deals that increment by £200, that would help people with budgets.

    One Q I have is with regards to OS, what version of Windows is best for gaming as it seems that most builds don't come with a installed OS.

    many thanks
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    Long time lurker here...

    I am looking to get a gaming PC for my son, he plays a lot of minecraft and I currently have this running on a Mac Mini (16gb), but the mods can be a pain to get working and I assume that a PC will be better render distance.

    I wanted to get him a PC for his grandparents.

    So just to confirm you would advise going for the Ryzen 7 5700X and a larger HDD ?

    I was also going to get the; Dell 27" Gaming Monitor - G2723HN - Full HD IPS at 165 Hz / NVIDIA G-SYNC /350 nits /Tilt £148.92 delivered, using code @ Dell

    He's got one of these on the Mac and he's really happy with it (I also use this monitor).

    Also with regards to the OS, is there any recomendation with the version of Windows for gaming, Windows 10 or 11 ? Home or Pro ?

    I don't mind spending some money on this and obviously like to get a bargain, so don't mind waiting, but do find this very confusing. So sorry if some of these Qs seem dumb.

    I really appreciate the support.

    many thanks (edited)
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    Ryzen 5 5600 (+109.99 5700X)
    Asus B550M Motherboard)
    1TB Kingston (+20 WD SN770 1TB Gen4 ) (+34.99 Kington KC Series Gen4)
    Kingston 16GB 3600mhz Ram (SPECIAL +22 ADATA 32gb Ram) (40.99 32GB Kingston 3600mhz)
    Gigabyte Gold 750W
    PowerColour 6700XT Graphics Card
    X=Air Mesh Case Black (white)

    +27.99 Wifi/Bluetooth if he needs?

    link: 905.92 with the option on jumping to the next brackets, if u have the higher spend.
    use code: BBURGER for an £9.25 off.

    Min specs

    6Core 16GB will be great for his needs, the 5700X is an 8Core spec cpu, great for devs and has more future appeal should u wish to add a higher GPU later, however, it is still on the AM4 Platform, so when it comes to upgrades in 2 years time he might desire a full system upgrade, CPU+MB on to am5 which is out and will be even better in two years time, hopefully at better cost, but will be more widespread, so if that is the aim then having a 5700X now will be pointless unless ur getting the use out of the CPU, if he;'s doing any dev work, or if he plans to stream a higher core system will benefit this area but not always needed.

    #5600 will still be workable even with a higher GPU laters, but the 5700X will have that more bite,
    ## upgrade to the gold psu, and higher wattage, is done, for that partial our full flip laters, to keep within 750w watt GPU's

    same goes for the ram, 32GB on site, will help some games now, and as newer titles come out, more ram will be needed, so that could be a good investment to get now, and the cost gap is pretty low, only another 22 gap for the adata 32gb to 40 for the higher mhz ram.

    optional on the wifi ive included

    #Headset is also on a massive reduction if needed, not added.

    and placed on a higher board,

    hopefully this helps, (edited)
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    Id recommended to anyone considering buying this to get a better CPU.

    The 5500 will kinda bottleneck the RX 6700xt

    Its got a mere 16mb of L3 Cache. Half the cache of the R5 3600 relased in 2019.

    Also no Pcie gen 4 support. (edited)
  4. ToxicHazard's avatar
    Upgrade to the 5600, it's within 1% (margin of error) of the 5600X in gaming performance
    Oquenbier_'s avatar
    I agree
  5. Uranus's avatar
    Wait wheres the 5 page head-scratch-inducing essay that normally goes with these deals?
  6. sarden84's avatar
    As much as the above is really great advice on upgrading the CPU, (if) the funds are available being the QS per budget, then that is recommended, and the reason they are in brackets, and they are all cracking options as per the note on the o/p

    However, if don't have the budget, dont stress about it.

    as despite a "bottleneck", ur still getting value to performance then consider the alt option of -GPU +Cpu per budget.

    i.e: 5500/6650XT Deal taken into 5600 comes in at £709

    So at £700 Budgets, do u take

    1) 5600+6650XT vs 2) 5500+6700XT

    and if ur system is going to a 1440 system, well thats a quite an easy answer. (edited)
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    Though do upgrade the CPU/motherboard/SSD if your budget stretches to it - and I wish AWD-IT would offer PSU options other than Gigabyte on more of their builds - I agree with sarden84 on the 6650XT vs 6700XT, partly because the lesser 6650XT has only 8GB of VRAM, where the 6700XT has 12, which as Hardware Unboxed and others remind us, 'future proofs' you a bit with future games. Anyway, another HOT find.
  7. Oquenbier_'s avatar
    Nice deal, as usual
  8. Jxz_Singh's avatar
    What would be the noticeable effect of the bottleneck
    Oquenbier_'s avatar
    Don’t worry about bottlenecking, it’s fine. I would personally upgrade to 1TB SSD and Ryzen 5 5600 though.
  9. harvey.atkins's avatar
    How does this from Costco compare? I have no clue what I'm looking at. costco.co.uk/Com…114
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    Lower CPU/GPU.

    lets say if windows added to this (which im not suggestion to do so) +90
    +35 1TB

    Now we got it at 699+90+35=820
    # which is the same price as that with windows/storage.

    4500/3060 vs 5500/6700xt its a no brainer = 5500/6700XT

    However, dont buy windows, do windows urself, exchange the 5500 -> 5600 at £50 and top up the board to B550M

    if u desire windows and u desire an nvidia card:

    AMD VELOCITY 5600x/3060Ti/16gb/600w/windows at £800.00
    with the option of 12400F/b660 at £30 and option of TX550 Gold PSU at £25 = £855

    much better windows/Nvidia system.
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