Awesome unpronounceable robot vacuum - Amazon for £159

Awesome unpronounceable robot vacuum - Amazon for £159

Found 22nd Dec 2017
I bought this baby back in November, and I paid £249 for it.

Today it's £159 and is at it's lowest price according to the three camels.
This one has wifi / smart phone control which a lot of cheap ones don't. It vacuums well and the reviews seem to be good. My only negative is the size of the collection bin but since I usually empty it when it finishes i'm not too worried

It has an Alexa skill too.

It has a dry mop and it returns itself to the charger afterwards. I bought a eufy one which cost a bit more than this and sent it back because it kept getting stuck on my carpets. This one has no such issues and works on all my floors.
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Is this any good? It's available to order again now (stock expected 3rd of Jan 18)
4 review think I will give that a miss.
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