Awesomenauts Beta Key [Steam]

Awesomenauts Beta Key [Steam]

Found 9th May
Awesomenauts is going free to play later this month but you can get early access through the beta key. The free to play elements are already in the game (so there are free weekly characters + you can buy characters with in game currency) so it will be the same as when it goes F2P.

If you are interested in playing it when it goes F2P you can get a head start now



Welcome to the signup page for the Free-to-Play beta of Awesomenauts! We will be sending out keys in batches between April 26th and May 24th, 2017. Signing up here will also sign you up for the Awesomenauts Newsletter. If you bought Awesomenauts on Steam you already have access to this Beta, this key will do nothing for you. Just fire up the game like you would normally do!



Assuming its for PC as it mentions Steam

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Updated the title to mention Steam

I have rather loved playing this with my friends not and then since we got it a couple years ago. For that reason, I am not salty about it going F2P now.
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