awsome bluetooth asda on ear headphones.for £9 @ Asda

awsome bluetooth asda on ear headphones.for £9 @ Asda

Found 11th Feb 2013
i had bought one and really amazed by the sound im experiening right now i must say this one is great buy.


says out of stock

looks like good headphones but already Oos!!

Don't know what's happening at ASDA, I grabbed a similar pair of bluetooth phones:
Kitsound "Beamers" were £37.00 reduced to FIVE POUNDS! oO
Seems they're pretty ruthless with their "end of line's", but you have to be quick!

saw 4 pairs of these in the discontinued section of the cannock asda store if that helps anyone x

I'm sure these were for a £5 in my local Asda last week, wasn't sure f the quality at that price, but will give them a go if they are still in stock in the Morning.

For a fiver, they are surely worth the punt? You should have bought them, tried them, then return if no good...
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