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50% off PureGym with AXA, McD's employees - from £82.94
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
With an exclusive discount for AXA members - join the UK's largest gym chain with over 170 gyms nationwide. Discounted prices are based on Pure Gym's non promotional monthly price … Read more

It is not reusable. If someone gives you, he /she won’t be able to use


If you go to your axa account, a code will be available


Do you by any chance have such a code?


Need to use code.


Do they need a code or can u just say u work for mcds?

50% off annual PureGym membership for AxaPPP Healthcare members - £124.94
Found 6th Jan 2018Found 6th Jan 2018
50% off annual PureGym membership for AxaPPP Healthcare members - £124.94
Get 50% off an annual membership. This works out (for me) as £10.50 per month As an AXA PPP healthcare member with private healthcare cover, you can get 50% off an annual P… Read more

Sweet...I'm a member of both, and I've got a renewal coming up...10 quid a month saving!!!! Thanks OP. Heat added...


I wish I am AXA member, this will save me a lot..

Axa Car Insurance 10% off for dash cam and another 10% for multicar
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Axa Car Insurance 10% off for dash cam and another 10% for multicar
20% off for these 2 things.

Funnily enough i left Admiral after years of being with them for the same reason... They wanted to know the ins and outs of my speed awareness course which i had no info on...let alone remember the date i took it! Also admiral want to know about every conceivable optional extra on the car even though they are all factory fitted. Axa said aslong as factory fitted then its fine. Its a minefield


Glad to hear your claim went smoothly, I'll wager you didn't suffer a total loss and be stranded with your family somewhere remote with the guy on the phone saying "that's your problem" otherwise you'd likely be saying something very different, based on my experience. They are the only insurer I know of who load up the premium after a SAC which is against the guidelines that say it should have no impact and shouldn't need to tell the insurers. It gives a little insight into Admiral and their underhanded practices.


I had been with Admiral for 4 years and had no problems with 1 non-fault claim. I went with Axa after Admiral tried to charge me a ridiculous renewal price. I told them about a speed awareness course and Admirals premium went up even more! Confirmed with Axa if the price increases if you've taken a course and they didn't care about it which was a bonus. Also £40.25 topcashback with Axa :)


Forgot to add to my description that Admiral also lied to me repeatedly, confirmed by the policeman handling the hit and run case. Rant over...


​make sure you call them every few days. i called them once and they said "oh! good job you called as we have an email sent from the third parties insurance that was marked urgent" i asked when it was sent to them snd she replied "3 days ago" !!! honestly if i hadn't have called them every few days i swear it still wouldn't be sorted now. and another thing, they swore they sent ne 4 letters but i never received 1 ? they checked my address every time but still no letters ? big liars in my opinion ? and because i didn't receive any letters from them i almost lost my personalised registration plate my late farther brought for me due to them written my car off and giving me 10 days to confirm in writing i wanted to keep the plate. as soon as my vehicle was written off and i was payed out, by law my playe belonged to my insurance company ? so i had to get a letter from them along with an engineers report that they had no interest in tge plate ? needed to forward these to the DVLA. as there was a deadline after the car was written off i almost lost it due to their incompetence !! i had the brains luckily to tell them to email me the documents, but believe it or not, even then they messed up and missed my registration number from the form ! complete waste of time idiots honestly.

AXA Landlord Insurance £110 quidco £90 potentially £20 1st year
Found 31st Oct 2016Found 31st Oct 2016
AXA Landlord Insurance £110 quidco £90 potentially £20 1st year
Took a Landlord insurance for £110 with AXA and quidco gives £90 cashback so effectively one year worth of cover £20

Just got paid the £90 today, it's three months on but it did get paid! Thanks OP!


It now says it is £99 cashback.


They have no reason to as they are not lending you anything, so no, they will not do a credit search.


Sadly not. From the T&C's: - Cashback will be paid only on one policy per household. - Cashback will not be paid out on multiple policies, whether taken out at the same time or in succession.


I just checked my ClearScore account and there's no recent checks showing up.

Axa Buisness Insurance Starts @ £57 a year with £75.75 cashcack
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
Axa Buisness Insurance Starts @ £57 a year with £75.75 cashcack
I recently purchased some PI insurance from Axa after finding them to be the cheapest through Top Cashback. Turns out the Top Cashback payout was larger than my insurance cost! S… Read more

Also free Business Club..


Unsure. Worth a check.


Do they insure builders and their tools by anychance ?

*Glitch* Free Garmin Vivofit Slate @ Axa
Found 2nd Nov 2015Found 2nd Nov 2015
*Glitch* Free Garmin Vivofit Slate @ Axa
Free VivoFit fitness tracker with promotion code AXAVIVO75
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back in stock, code doesnt work though


What is this for and do I need it help


Its a neat layout. I actually wish I could get a watch looking similar but without the fitness aspects. Just time and date. Perhaps reminders too. Any suggestions?. Hopefully decent price.


Got it into basket. Filled out billing details then item oos


Can't add item to basket. States error or not in stock.

AXA Landlord Insurance £108 but £13 per annum after quidco cashback of £95.00
Found 24th Jan 2015Found 24th Jan 2015
AXA Landlord Insurance £108 but £13 per annum after quidco cashback of £95.00
Just bought Axa landlord insurance for £108 incl. accidental damage, Rental income including service charges. cover excess Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft -£0… Read more

TCB currently have exclusive offer for £99 inline purchase. Just had mine done.


Just an update in case anyone else's has not flipped to confirmed and paid - I contacted quidco, they credited me my £95 ahead of Axa paying out which I thought was great, they will chase Axa for it.


Did anyone get their £95 from quidco for the landlords insurance? Mine tracked fine and was due to pay May 1st, now it's flipped to payment delay grrrr. I'm just hoping declined is not the next update!




Hi powerjumps18, Is this for an AXA landlord insurance policy? If so, please PM us with further details and we'll look into this for you! Thanks, ^M

AXA Emergency Home Assistance Currently £19.99 *Half Price* £33.60 Cashback also available)
Found 30th Nov 2014Found 30th Nov 2014
Didn't think this this was to bad, it's cheaper then British Gas boiler cover and also covers you for other items. Blocked drains, burst pipes, broken boiler - when you have an em… Read more

No I did not but you can use it as well if you wish like Quidco OR Top cash back.


Thank you. I Ann going to look into this. By the way, did you use any cashback website ?


I am using same company for last 2 year First year emeergency cover was free and next year it is Only £ 5 for whole one year. I took only Building cover which was £ 80 for one year plus £ 5 for home emergency cover which was fantastic but main thing their emergency cover customer team is great customer focused even last month in my house there was some plumbing work and they fixed and privately it was costing me more than £ 200. So v pleased with esure.


Exactly, I give up moaning. No one has suggested cheaper alternative yet. Ensure for me is more expensive (even without cover)


Sheila's Wheels and esure are the same company, just different branding. their quotes are normally within a couple of pounds of each other and they usually (or at least used to) have the same offers. For years I alternated between them to get quidco and the 'first year' offers on car and home insurance as they always came out cheapest for me.

Free parker pen
Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014
Free parker pen
Call AXA on 0800 40 60 40 and enquire about their over 50 plan and they'll send you a free parker pen just for asking about it. Surely one of the best kept secrets around? Dont all… Read more
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Wowza i gotta get me 1 of these!! Muhaha OR i could take some free from my barclays bank :| LOL Who would call an 0800 number for a free pen?!! Sheeeeesh


Can't wait 'til I'm 50 (7 years to go).


Heat for a gud laugh



because its not just any pen, it's a PARKER PEN.