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Bosch 4.0ah 18v wireless battery £39.90 @ Axminster
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Bosch 4.0ah 18v wireless battery £39.90 @ Axminster
This isn't particularly cheap for a standard Bosch 18v battery but for the wireless type it's half the price of many outlets. 4.0Ah CoolPack battery for exceptional run time Co… Read more
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Sorry hadn't spotted these were wireless. The ones I quoted obviously aren't which isn't helpful. Less concerned about the reliable power / capacity issues as the reviews are very favourable. And I picked mine up from eBay not GB, not that it would necessarily help get an exchange.


Yes, but these are wireless charging - you just sit them on the charger, in the tool if you feel like it. And they come with an extended Bosch guarantee. No doubt the Floureons are a bargain but they wont be either the same reliable power capacity as originals and they won't last as long. Try getting Gearbest to exchange them if they wont charge after a few months.


I got 2 compatible 4ah batteries for £22 (11 each) they are Floureon branded and get very good reviews. Only used them for a couple of jobs but seem fine so far.


If you work 30cm from home...maybe.


Cool, Wireless??.. Can I leave the battery at home and take the drill body to work (highfive)

DeWALT DCD795M1 Brushless Combi Drill, Torch, 4ah xr battery, charger, case & Bit Set - £159.96 @ Axminster
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
DeWALT DCD795M1 Brushless Combi Drill, Torch, 4ah xr battery, charger, case & Bit Set - £159.96 @ Axminster
DeWALT DCD795 Combi Drill Drill/driver and hammer feature for multiple applications 15-position adjustable torque for consistent screwdriving Ultra-compact, lightweight design a… Read more
Bosch GSB 18-2-Li Plus Combi Drill in L-Boxx 18V (5.0Ah) @ Axminster for £119.96
Found 6th Mar 2017Found 6th Mar 2017
Bosch GSB 18-2-Li Plus Combi Drill in L-Boxx 18V (5.0Ah) @ Axminster for £119.96
Just noticed this Bosch GSB 18-2-Li Plus Combi Drill in L-Boxx 18V with a (5.0Ah) battery at if any help. I don't know much about these drills except it … Read more

No, if it was add a further couple of hundred pounds on to it. All this brushless jargon only will apply to the tradesman who is constantly using the tool with heavy usage, and can justify the extra cash for long life. But for the average Joe tradesman at this price you cannot go wrong. I have used mine alot and it's fantastic, and recharging is so fast.


Is this brushless?

Bosch GSB 18 V-LI Combi Drill 18V (2.0Ah) £99.96 @ Axminster
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Bosch GSB 18 V-LI Combi Drill 18V (2.0Ah) £99.96 @ Axminster
Seems like a very good deal for a quality 18v Bosch Combi Drill with two 2.0Ah batteries. I believe you can also get 5£ voucher to spend in December when buying this drill (or 10£… Read more

Sorry, my bad


for those who missed out on this deal, click on the link...


The wireless charging version at Screwfix is actually almost twice this price (£189.99)


Thats not wireless charging. OOS now anyhow


£99 at Screwfix - normal price

Bosch GSB 18 V-LI Combi & GDR 18-LI Impact Driver (wireless) 18V (4.0Ah) £199.96 axminster
Found 11th Oct 2016Found 11th Oct 2016
Bosch GSB 18 V-LI Combi & GDR 18-LI Impact Driver (wireless) 18V (4.0Ah) £199.96 axminster
Bosch GSB 18 V-LI Dynamic Combi and GDR 18-LI Impact Kit Wireless charger; contactless, dust and liquid protected Charger automatically adjusts for best charging conditions… Read more

purchased- thanks


Well the 3 batteries in the previous deal add up the two in this deal. well amperage wise


So this is like the last deal, although there is no free battery promo from Bosch going on at the time I think price is still pretty good considering that the Combi and impact bodies are usually near the £90 mark and 4Ah battery is ~£40+ (non-wireless).

Deep Throat  G Clamp £4.46 + £1 postage (£5.46) @ Axminster
Found 7th Oct 2016Found 7th Oct 2016
Deep Throat G Clamp £4.46 + £1 postage (£5.46) @ Axminster
Every workshop ought to have a few deep throat G clamps, as they’re invaluable for reaching into those slightly more inaccessible areas that are out of reach to standard clamps. L… Read more
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Oh lord I'm off to specsavers asap as I actually read the title as Deep Throat G Spot and my mind boggled, my eyes watered and my fur stood on edge whilst I wondered why the hell I didn't already own any.


Debbie does screwfix.


Filth X)


This deals abit hard to swallow ;)


Heat For the title.

BOSCH GSB 10.8-2-LI CORDLESS COMBI DRILL & I-BOXX CASE 10.8V (2.0AH) £69.95 delivered @ Axminster
Found 2nd Dec 2015Found 2nd Dec 2015
BOSCH GSB 10.8-2-LI CORDLESS COMBI DRILL & I-BOXX CASE 10.8V (2.0AH) £69.95 delivered @ Axminster
Daliy Deal. KEY FEATURES Great addition to any tool kit All round use - compact and powerful combi drill Drive screws, drill and impact drill with ease 2 speeds with variable spe… Read more

Very good drill, I have had one for 4 years and it is still like new. Not bad considering I used it at work a couple of times a week.

£1 delivery at Axminster tools
Found 14th May 2015Found 14th May 2015
£1 delivery at Axminster tools
Axminster tools have standard delivery for £1 until 31st May, Usually £4.95 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

everything is over priced

AXMINSTER: Bosch Professional GSB 10.8v 2.0Ah Li Combi Drill & I-BOXX Case: £72.95
Found 12th May 2015Found 12th May 2015
AXMINSTER: Bosch Professional GSB 10.8v 2.0Ah Li Combi Drill & I-BOXX Case: £72.95
An excellent compact combi drill for everyday use. This isn't a replacement for an 18v hammer drill but would complement one or be ideal for most basic household DIY tasks. This i… Read more
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Any discount codes?


Just got one of these. 3 year warranty. Drilled into brick with 8mm bit wasn't as easy as a bigger mains drill but very light. Alternative was a black and decker for £50 with two li ion batteries.


Was waiting for a deal on this drill..just ordered one..thanks


Ssshhhh !!


Can recommend this drill while using it on a job in Hatton Garden recently my gang and I never had to recharge it once the whole Easter bank holiday. (_;)

Bosch PST 800 PEL Jigsaw + 10 Free blades - £50.94 @ Axminster
Found 4th Dec 2014Found 4th Dec 2014
Bosch PST 800 PEL Jigsaw + 10 Free blades - £50.94 @ Axminster
I was considering getting the Bosch PST 700 for £30 from Amazon but after reading the reviews on Amazon/Homebase opted for this one which is apparently much better/more precise at … Read more

Could do with a 110 volt.

Axminster Tools Black Friday Deals
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Axminster Tools Black Friday Deals
Axminster Tools centre via their facebook page have been advertising some fantastic black friday deals, amazing prices!! Check out their website!!! The deals are changing every hou… Read more
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Don't bother..


No self promotion please!

Makita DHP456RMWX Combi Drill 18V 4.0Ah (Facebook Exclusive Offer) £139.94 @ Axminster
Found 31st Jul 2014Found 31st Jul 2014
Makita DHP456RMWX Combi Drill 18V 4.0Ah (Facebook Exclusive Offer) £139.94 @ Axminster
Makita combo drill with latest 4ah battery technology. Powerful 18V, drives screws or drills with or without hammer 4.0Ah - big capacity, long runtime, 36 min re-charge Well de… Read more
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for £30 more you could get 2 x 3.0ah, i usually prefer multi battery sets as you can charge one while using the other, but this still seems a good price so heat added


£40 just for that case. Heat added and one purchased.


Amazing deal with that latest 4.0Ah battery!


Great find with the high capacity battery. heat added



WoodSpur Torx Head Wood Screw Trade Pack £12.95  + £4.95 delivery  from Axminster
Found 6th Nov 2013Found 6th Nov 2013
WoodSpur Torx Head Wood Screw Trade Pack £12.95 + £4.95 delivery from Axminster
Good deal on a screw pack. 1500 screws in various sizes with Torx head. Great for a woodworker like me! Similar product from Toolstation costs £30+.

+ £4.95 delivery for orders under £50


are these torx t25? I find that if I am homing in screws with an impact driver it is best to use Torx, Pozi 2 is still the most popular though


Good set but remember they are Torx Head.

Makita Petrol Lawnmower - £179.99  @  Axminster Cheapest by a clear mile, Around £300+ everywhere else
Found 25th May 2013Found 25th May 2013
Makita Petrol Lawnmower - £179.99 @ Axminster Cheapest by a clear mile, Around £300+ everywhere else
Decent mower for a great price, this price is in with the cheapo models. It's not self propelling but is very light and is a wiz to push around. Collected mine from Store a few h… Read more
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Honda mowers last average use of well over 10+ years and can be serviced, parts can be replaced - good luck sourcing parts for this mower ill bet this mower is made under licence and not by makita


I no longer buy cheap petrol garden tools[/quote] Agreed. Cheap is tat. The fun is akin to finding a bottle of wine that is outstanding for under a fiver(say). I use top qulity all the time £500 + power tools, now I enjoy hunting value tools that if they cease 2 work i bin em. Gives me somat 2 do tracking em down.


I might wrong but I think Ryobi own McCulloch which If true explains a lot had 2 Ryobi strimmers - first RLT30CET lasted 18months and about 10 uses, next Ryobi head unit / green one wouldn't even start! bought a stihl FS 70 C-E which has been brilliant and unlike the Ryobi it starts and cuts with ease I no longer buy cheap petrol garden tools


The motor drives the rear wheels when you press a handle, so it makes it easier to push. you have to remember that petrol lawnmowers are a lot heavier than electric ones - an electric mower maybe 3-10kg whereas a petrol will be 30kg+ - my Honda is is one of the lightest petrol mowers at 34kg - after an hours mowing itll feel like 100kg id go for self propelled every time, well worth the extra - my Honda cost me £300 6 years ago which was an amazing bargain - most places then were £499+ - Honda are still doing £50 cashback at selected dealers - ive seen some hinda izy's in some dealers for £350, so £300 for a Honda izy and itll p**s over this lawn mower


Wow, eggman is on a roll tonight. Must have had a bad day sitting under the bridge with all the other trolls.

Axminster Tool Centre - Axion Combi Drill Li-Ion 18V with 3 Batteries - now only £54.95 - free delivery.
Found 6th Apr 2013Found 6th Apr 2013
Axminster Tool Centre - Axion Combi Drill Li-Ion 18V with 3 Batteries - now only £54.95 - free delivery.
This was posted a while ago and got quite warm - now there's £15 off. The reviews are positive so I thought it worth a punt. Should be ideal around the house and garden for a few s… Read more
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You can also get another 10% off this : I've had the drill for about a week now, first impressions were good, it's not too heavy. I've been using it to put together kitchen cupboards so nowt too taxing and it's done nothing to cause concern. On Sunday I'm planning to put up a satellite dish which will involve drilling 4 holes into brick and I'll let you know how it goes. You may want to put off the purchase until then.


Even if the hammer action is too weak for bricks it can still be a very capable drill for other uses. Many cordless drills have no hammer action at all. The comment about bits falling out earlier makes me wonder if the chuck is designed for impact use. It would be nice to see some more reviews from people who have bought this and put it to use.


As Bonzobanana say, with the 'HIGH04' voucher for an additional 10% off the highest price item you can get this and say a few sets of clearance twist drills for a few pence over £50. I've just had a full refund on mine as it wasn't up to making two small holes in a standard brick (it overheated drilling the second hole and repeatedly cut off the power). I phoned to check and their service department found no fault in the drill. So from my experience this isn't any use as a masonry (hammer) drill; I'm in two minds whether to recommend it as at £50 it is an OK drill/driver in soft materials.


If you use 'HIGH04' you can save £5 just add a very small item to get the total back over £50. Pretty sweet deal for the spec. While not in stock you can still order and it states it will be back in stock in a week.


Same drill with 1 battery £79.94 3 Batteries £54.95 What's with that????

Axminster AW115AG Angle Grinder 115mm 750w  £19.96 Inc VAT
Found 20th Mar 2013Found 20th Mar 2013
Axminster AW115AG Angle Grinder 115mm 750w £19.96 Inc VAT
Describe the deal in your own words and explain to members why it is a good deal! Please don't just paste in marketing text or specs. Remember: this is a community site, self-pro… Read more

Otocon, you need to adjust the title and an actual description would help! It's only £19.96 if you collect instore only, it's actually £24.91 delivered.


Argos do a 115mm one for <£15, albeit 500W, rather than 750W (although IWHT that 500W would be enough for tool of this size and typical use). I keep one in a jig like this ( for cutting small bar stock and reinforcing rod. (Although I must remember not to use it with the sparks going towards the greenhouse, as they burn themselves into the glass, no problem). It looks to be a direct start, rather than a soft start, which rules it out for me to use other than in a jig as my wrists wouldn't be strong enough to control it. A soft start angle grinder (Lidl/Aldi often have good deals on them) is a lot easier and sfer IMHO, YMMV.

Axion 18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah Battery Pack for Makita Cordless £39.95 + £4.95 delivery or buy 2 and qualify for free delivery.
LocalLocalFound 20th Feb 2013Found 20th Feb 2013
Axion 18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah Battery Pack for Makita Cordless £39.95 + £4.95 delivery or buy 2 and qualify for free delivery.
These are really a bit niche as they are generally for tradesmen. The original Makita battery is £80+ but these are a good replacement. These batteries fit the Makita 18V Li-Ion … Read more
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Yep, I have 2 copy batteries that are very good, and I have ordered 3 of these axion ones... Which makes this statement wrong in the case of these I'm afraid ;)


Some workmates have used aftermarket batteries (following the dreaded flashing charger issue), they seem to be as good as the genuine ones.......


No-one buys these at full price. It's like buying sofas at full price.


buy cheap buy twice not worth the risk


There's one review on the axminster site and 'tis favourable

AXION Combi Drill 18v - Li-Ion + 3 Batteries - £69.99
Found 14th Jan 2013Found 14th Jan 2013
AXION Combi Drill 18v - Li-Ion + 3 Batteries - £69.99
Seems like a bargain for a combi li-ion drill especially with 3 batteries! Has LCD display on the back to show battery level which is handy. Reviews are all good, seems like a grea… Read more

Try reading the reviews... Has good genuine feedback and reviews. I'm sure the large brands are better, but also overpriced and made cheaply! This is ideal for a non regular user or first time DIYer. I think it's a cracking budget deal for Li-ion.


cor, must be quality! 3 Lithium ion batteries, a drill, charger and case all for less than the price of 1 branded battery....


I was expecting this to have Nicad batteries. For a 3 x Li-on battery system, and 1 hr charge, that's pretty good.


[image missing] [image missing] [image missing] [image missing] SPECIFICATIONSBattery No\Capacity: 3 x 1.3AhBattery Voltage\Type: 18V Li-IonChuck Cap\Type: 13mm KeylessMax Cap Masonry: 13mmMax Cap Steel: 13mmMax Cap Wood: 35mmNett Weight: 1.7kgRating: TradeSpeed: 0-350, 0-1,300rpmTorque and Settings: 32Nm - 16 REVIEWS:By Leo Byrne on 3rd January 2013This is amazing value. I bought a Bosch 18v Li Ion from Screwfix at the same time, and am using both simultaneously to fit out my new workshop. This Axion seems just as good as the Bosch, and comes with 3 batteries. If only you made a circular saw to match.By Roger Ball on 20th December 2012A great tool and brilliant value. I have bought two to replace my old Ni Cad drills.By Frank Silver on 17th October 2011A very useful drill. It is handy being able to go from hammer drilling to screwdriving by just turning a collar.The keyless chuck is easy to use and gives a good grip on the drill bit. The battery power indicator means you can fit a fresh battery before starting the job.A bonus to me was that all three batteries came fully charged.The only downside so far, is the built-in job light. It gets brighter as the drill goes faster,this is a bit useless if one is working in a dark corner and need the light before starting the drill.Aprt from that,it does what it says on the box

Air Compressor 240V 24L tank 8 Bar AWC20HP @ Axminster £79.96
Found 7th Dec 2012Found 7th Dec 2012
Air Compressor 240V 24L tank 8 Bar AWC20HP @ Axminster £79.96
A good value DIY air compressor reduced by over £31. A great company to deal with as well.
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As the details say: Nailing, stapling, riveting, greasing, dusting, tyre inflating, airbrushing and touch up spraying. As I suggested - DIY use!


...and if tyres are the only thing you can see a use for, maybe you should too... @dorito - not really, around the house/garden, a simple 20 quid inflator would be more suitable. something of that size is more suited to model makers or carpenters to be honest. 5cfm @ 40psi isn't really good for much more than an impact gun or nail gun. it would probably run a spray gun ok but with only a 24l tank, it would be running most of the time and as it's direct drive, it wouldn't be quiet about it. sanders and die grinders would be out of the question.


If you cant think of a use for compressed air it may be safer if you give this one a miss. Hint- look at the 4 round rubber things on your car.


just curious - what would you use these things for - any use around the house/garden?