Azkend, A puzzle game polished to near perfection for iphones etc @ iTunes
Azkend, A puzzle game polished to near perfection for iphones etc @ iTunes

Azkend, A puzzle game polished to near perfection for iphones etc @ iTunes

Loved this game when I piad for it a while ago. For free, this is a must have. Here's the blurb:

Enjoy the visions from the mystical world of Azkend - A puzzle game polished to near perfection.


"We don’t use the words beautiful or console-quality lightly"
-ilounge.com (top 100 games of 2009)

"Azkend is a Puzzle Game Polished to Near Perfection"

"The classic puzzle game bar has just been raised! Once you start playing you are hooked..."

"Azkend is a very well-designed game that will keep you coming back for more."

"This really is a retail or Xbox LIVE Arcade quality title in the palm of your hand and it deserves a spot in any iPhone/iPod Touch owner’s library."
-GameForward score: 5/5

"Among the Top 100 games of 2009."


Perfect controls combined with enthralling graphics and addictive game play are proof that there were no compromises made when creating this hit game for iPhone and iPod touch.


-Enjoyable and unique game play
-Perfect touch controls
-Captivating story
-Hours of puzzling
-Two game modes
-Eight powerful talismans
-Beautiful hand drawn sceneries
-Stunning visual effects


The relic your archaeological team found in Far Asia was more powerful than you thought. Now your mission is to reach the Temple of Time and return the Relic to lift the curse. Earn all the eight powerful talismans and unleash their helpful power.
You will come across breathtaking sceneries on your journey. The rich and relaxing atmosphere will draw you in and keep you there. Two game modes will keep you entertained for hours. Step into the exciting world of Azkend!


-Drag your finger on the board to make matches and destroy the tiles
-Touch the bottom of the screen to open the pause menu


Website: azkend.net

Trailer: youtube.com/wat…NN4


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sublime stuff i've played this on pc before..it's great fun. thx

Its no longer free

yeah...was one day only offer..better luck next time
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