Azumi / Azumi 2: Death Or Love (DVD Boxset) £5.92* delivered @ Tesco Ent
Azumi / Azumi 2: Death Or Love (DVD Boxset) £5.92* delivered @ Tesco Ent

Azumi / Azumi 2: Death Or Love (DVD Boxset) £5.92* delivered @ Tesco Ent

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Azumi (2003) In war-torn Shogunate Japan, Azumi (Aya Ueto) is a beautiful young girl who has been trained from childhood with nine other orphans to become a fearless assassin. Martial arts master Gessai (Yoshio Harada) has raised the ten children in complete seclusion in the hope that his protégés will one day defeat the merciless warlords and restore peace to the land. To test that they are the ruthless killers they will need to be for the mission, Gessai orders them to pair off and fight to the death. Burdened with the cruel mission to kill friends and enemies alike, and sacrifice innocent lives Azumi begins to question her fate but Gessai leaves them neither room nor time for self-doubt as his trap ensnares them. Azumi and her remaining friends forge ahead, unaware of the terrible bloodshed that awaits them...

'Azumi' is a frantic CG-assisted Japanese 'Jidai Geki' (period drama) from cult director Ryuhei Kitamura starring Jpop siren Aya Ueto as teenage assassin Azumi leading a band of 5 warriors on a mission to restore peace to the land.

Serialised since 1994, the manga 'Azumi' from Yu Koyama has developed an avid following, at once shocking and seizing readers with its audacious scale and extreme depictions of violence and cruelty, selling over 8.5 million copies!

Azumi 2: Death Or Love (2005) Picking up shortly after the events in the first film, Jpop sensation Aya Ueto continues her foray into the cinema fold in reprising her role as Azumi, the young ninja assassin charged with the burden of preventing her nation falling into civil war. However, rival Masayuki Sanada (Mikijiro Hira) is the government official determined to upset the delicate balance of national unity and steer Japan away from its destined course...

Set around the beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate period of Japanese history (1603 - 1867), 'Azumi' is based on the Manga by Yu Koyama. Accompanying leading light Aya Ueto, 'Battle Royale' favourites Ai Maeda and Chiaki Kiriyama star in the hack n' slash martial arts mayhem!

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Bought these on eBay for a fiver recently. Not rewatched them but first time round they were awesome kick-ass films. Might watch the first one tonight. Anyone who loves Asian cinema must own these.

why has someone expired this? its still £6.97 less the voucher 15% to make it £5.92

Excellent films.

First is a lot better tahn the 2nd but if you like anime style action and great sword fights its a good series of films.
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