B and Q Verve Manure 50l - £3 bag

B and Q Verve Manure 50l - £3 bag

Found 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Reduced to clear im sure if left in the open the bag would get smoking hot.


Free if you go to your local stable

This deal is quite literally a sack of Sh#@
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What a load of crap.

Its a dung deal for me
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**** deal

what a load of horse s*** , 50 litres worth to be exact!

None at my local - s#!t out of luck

Website says: Unfortunately we do not have stock of this product in any of our stores.

Seems this is a totally b*llsh*t deal!

Shops will sell any old sh*t these days. They literally produced this sh*t themselves!!?

Also - other countries are investing in their advanced tech industries etc and instead we're selling bags of sh*t lol and fighting over it... B&Q know exactly where they can shove this
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Bitter Sweet Shytforme.

Thought i'd get a laugh at some of the comments but tbh some of these jokes are not good
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Finaly, the conservative manifesto. Smells strong in the stable too.


There's more chance of getting some of this from a rocking horse than from B&Q
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