B-Grade Car CD/MP3 Player With USB/SD/MMC/Aux-in - £21.50 inc delivery
B-Grade Car CD/MP3 Player With USB/SD/MMC/Aux-in - £21.50 inc delivery

B-Grade Car CD/MP3 Player With USB/SD/MMC/Aux-in - £21.50 inc delivery

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Stylish & high quality MP3 CD car stereo with RDS/USB & SD/MMC interface. With the USB input you can easily plug your iPod/MP3 player into the stereo and listen immediately. AM/FM radio tuner. CD/MP3/WMA/CD-R/CD-RW playback through CD drive/SD/MMC/USB. With the Auxiliary input you can listen to the output of any AV device. Also including a slim-line infra-red remote control. This item is perfect for listening to your MP3 CD's. You can fit around 300 songs onto an MP3 CD; in comparison to a traditional CD which can only hold around 15 songs. The front panel is fully detachable, so you can keep your radio safe at all times......

As this item is a B-Grade we cannot specifiy which colour you will be sent. They are available in Black or Silver, but we cannot know in advance which model you will be sent. We are also unsure as to which accessories will be included inside the box.

This item comes with a 6 month return to base warranty. If you experience any problems with the item it will either be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.


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Am/FM MP3 Car Stereo with RDS CD/MP3/WMA/CD-R/CD-RW Playback
USB/SD/MMC Interface AUX in (at rear)
Infra Red Remote Control LCD Digital Display
Full Detachable Panel PLL Electronic Tuning
ID3 Tag Display 30 Preset Radio Stations
High Power 4x40W Max USB Extension Cable (supplied) for connecting MP3 players etc.
Line-in Cable (supplied) for connecting iPod/Mp3 Players Local Rate Technical Support

Power Supply Requirements: DC 12V, Negative Ground
Chassis Dimensions: 178(W) x 163 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Tone Controls:

* Bass (at 100Hz): +10dB / -10dB
* Treble (at 10KHz): +10dB / -10dB

Maximum Output Power: 40W x 4 (ch)
Current Drain: 5 Ampere (FOR NORMAL POWER)

CD Player

Signal to Noise Ratio: More than 60dB
Channel Separation: More than 60dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
FM IF: 10.7MHz
FM Sensitivity (S/N = 30dB): 5 V
Stereo Separation: >25dB
AM Frequency Coverage: 522 to 1620 KHz
AM IF: 450KHz
AM Sensitivity (S/N = 20 dB): 32dB
FM Frequency Coverage: 87.5 to 108 MHz

Car CD/MP3 Player IR Remote Control
Car CD/MP3 Fascia USB Extension Cable
Line-In Cable Installation Cage
Installation Keys User Manual

B-Grade/Refurbished stock are pre-owned products that undergo our stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. These products have been returned under various retailer's Return and Refund Policies or have been used as Demonstration units. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, all units undergo stringent quality refurbishment process.

They are in 100% working condition, and are then sold as refurbished product. As these refurbished products have been unpacked and manipulated, they might however exhibit some minor cosmetic imperfection, such as scratches, marks or discolorations.

Each B-Grade/Refurbished Product:

* is fully tested (including full burn-in testing).
* is refurbished with replacement parts for any defective modules identified in testing.
* is put through a thorough cleaning process and inspection.
* is repackaged (in this case it wiil not be packaged in its original box).
* is placed into a Final QA inspection prior to being added to sellable refurbished stock

nice inputs. cover everything

is that price right, shows as 11 quid then 6:50 quid for delivery..?


good price!

Might as well get one brand new one from Asda for £29.99 + 5 % Quidco!

£11.50 + £6.80 P+p+vat = ?

Can you choose which colour?


£11.50 + £6.80 P+p+vat = ?

1 x B-Grade Car CD/MP3 Player With USB/SD/MMC/Aux-in

Sub-Total: £11.50
Shipping & Packaging (UPS Standard Service): £6.80
TAX 17.5%: £3.20
Total: £21.50


Can you choose which colour?

Why not make the effort to read the OP :whistling:

We have this exact model in one car. The CD and digital sides are excellent- but the radio and controls are a bit of a let down. The illumination is too bright - but it helps me remember to keep the fascia cover on the car over it - so no one has had a go to get into the car yet.

The radio reception is poor if there is anything but a good signal - and it makes noises like a match being struck every few seconds when there is not good reception.

The RDS is unwilling to change frequency until well after the signal was entirely inaudible.

CD, MP3, SD/MMC card and memory pen all work brilliantly - and the sound quality is excellent.

It cost forty quid and came with a three year warranty from Lidl - and I had it in the car for over a year without using the radio - as it needed an adaptor for the car's aerial to fit. I was really impressed with it until I got the radio adaptor and fitted it - and think I will try to get them to do something about the radio under the warranty.

Perhaps this is why they have ones to sell - that were returned due to the dubious radio?


Why not make the effort to read the OP :whistling:


This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order.

PayPal (including Credit Cards and Debit Cards)

Just bought one, Hope I get the black one.

To expand on the above - very rarely (much less than 1%) of the time when you switch it on it also illuminates everything on the fascia but wont work at all and you cannot switch it off either. Restarting the car fixes this.

It also played a 96 hour long langauge learning series of CDs reduced to mono with a reduced sampling rate so it would fit on one CD - and it still sounded like there was no loss in sound quality - just like talking with someone in the car.

It was difficult to fit into the car - as it seemed it was slight larger than it was meant to be- but once in it was fine. The front is not the easiest to replace after removing it - but will go on within a minute or so if it takes a huff at first try.

It has a vast array of configurable settings - and I have never worked through them all - the instructions were only 8 pages - so it really was trial and error.

If the radio can work properly - and ours was just a bad one then its a good deal - if all radios are like that, and you listen to the radio often of for traffic - it will have you pulling your hair out.

If anyone wants to know anything about it - ask me - and I will check it on ours tonight.

Thanks for that ibiza.

Why are people voting cold?

[SIZE=3]B Grade! Yet another posting on secondhand deal of the day.... what's next, the contents of Cash Converters?
It is remote control... or might be - "We are also unsure as to which accessories will be included inside the box."

We never normally see so many "refurbished" junk offers, I know there is a recession, but this is getting silly.[/SIZE]

i have this one from Aldi ages ago.... Some other bad points include the cheap plastic... The silver finish on mine is peeling off.... Also always had problems with the usb and sd slots... The tracks sometimes don't play and skips to the next one... However same track on cd will play.... Have tried on 3 different memory cards and formatted in fat and fat32....

Might contact them under the 3 year warranty....


Might contact them under the 3 year warranty....

another one to add to the b grade stock lol!
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