B-Grade GPS Navigation System With 3.5" LCD Screen

B-Grade GPS Navigation System With 3.5" LCD Screen

Found 7th Jan 2008
This GPS Navigation System has a built-in GPS receiver, which ensures strong signal strength and coverage. Using the latest TeleAtlas UK mapping software, you will never lose your sense of direction again! Complete with all of the necessary accessories, this device is ready for the road. Landscape display for natural view and buttons on the sides for easy access and operation. GPS antenna is flippable for operation and storage. Use the touch panel for fast reference markings or your finger to pinpoint the location. Small enough to mount near or on your dashboard with the bracket mounting.


tried the link but it says

Product not found!:?

You have to add VAT makes it £41.12 then £7.99 P&P so becomes £49.11 ;-(

thanks for correct link pinkleponkle
and 2 weeks for delivery:(

I will happily stand corrected, but think you will find that the true price will be £35 + £7ish shipping + VAT, which will bring the total delivered cost to just under £50, which takes the edge off it a little.
Think the heading for this post needs to be amended to reflect this.

Good price but refurb and would be worried that map way out of date so...........

Looking around can't seem to find a updated map version for the navistar 5010. But it is windows based so may be able to use tomtom go series maps or even application. Not sure was going to buy one until seen it ended up at £50, someone would have to try and for £50 im happy with n95.

Amazon are selling this new at £79.99 +delivery through a seller

Details here

Lists details as

Ramar GPS System
256MB internal memory
Touch screen
Voice output
Anti-glare 3.5" TFT LCD screen
SiRF GPS III module built in
Smart to go navigation system
Expansion slot for SD/MMC up to 1GB
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Stand, charger, adaptor, USB cable, GPS external antenna, SD card, Manual & CD

Hope that helps someone

Agree - the main price NEEDS to be changed...... sorry COLD (VERY)

It would be worth it if you could install any Pocket PC Satnav software on it. ie TOMTOM or iGO2006 etc But who's going to risk buying it to try this? :w00t:


thanks for correct link pinkleponkleand 2 weeks for delivery:(

i ordered one and it came next day
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