@ B & Q Mac Allister 2000w electric Chainsaw £63 + TCB

@ B & Q Mac Allister 2000w electric Chainsaw £63 + TCB

Found 14th Jun 2014
Just purchased one myself

Was £85 now £63 @ B&Q

Weight (kg): 5.1
Guide Bar Length (cm): 40
Chain Brake (Y/N): Yes
Safety Cut Out: No
Warranty/guarantee details: 2

Plus 4.2% TCB

Online or in store + free home delivery!
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"Safety Cut Out: No" < ???!!!

"Safety Cut Out: No" < ???!!!

It says it has an anti kickback function. Its also made by Oregon just like most of these cheaper leccy jobs. I think Aldi had an Oregon a while back. I got one from B&Q (own brand) a few years ago (looks the same but different colour). Works well and stops dead if you want it to.

PS I am typing this with 10 fingers so it can't be that bad
Oregon is the makers of the blade most blades are Oregon looks a good item if only used for DIY
Plus I wouldn't recommend this for everyone these saws can be dangerous to many people as it's a machine that once needed training beware all you mothers for us fathers tomorrow it's not for the meek
Just make sure you get and use plenty of chain oil as these things drink the stuff...good price for this tho...

"Safety Cut Out: No" < ???!!!

I don't think it is legal to make them without the chain brake and anti kickback..

PS if you are not a competent power tool user check out chainsaw injuries on the net, not your average level of diy disaster, lots of technique and care needed to keep yourself in one piece!
I think the safety cut out is in relation to cutting the wire, like the plugs you get. As soon as you let go of the trigger the chain stops
Looks like a rebadged B&Q PCS2200.

Used one as a cheap and nasty home bucking option for 5 years plus, when petrol is too loud.

Cons: oiler will break at some point and parts are non-existent. Standard for cruddy Chinese tat.

Pros: safety features are actually good; instant chain stop on throttle down, decent chain brake. Plenty of torque.

Low cutting speed, as per for cheap electric. Bury the entire bar and the auto over-heat cut-out will often fire, but you just throttle down and carry on.

Oleo Mac or Efco 2000 watter isn't much more and is far better, but this isn't a bad option considering 2 year warranty.
Bought my Mac allister chainsaw used it & cut wheel barrow load. Towards the end it was struggling. Next time of use it cuts with great difficulty and bends to the right. Fitted the correct Mac Allister replacement blde. Results exactly the same. I then bought a "GENUINE Oregon blade...Perfect, it cuts straight now & I am on my 6th wheelbarrow load. So Crap Blade as supplied by B&Q. ? The provided blade lasts long enough to impress. Then the months return policy has expired and you either throw it or invest in a quality chain (Blade)

Ps: I have used chain saws for many many years....................Best electric up to now Black & Decker.
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