Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
B & Q - Valspar Emulsion (mixed instore)- 238ml test pot £1.00 (usually £2.58) - 5 pots = 1.19 litres for £5.00
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B & Q - Valspar Emulsion (mixed instore)- 238ml test pot £1.00 (usually £2.58) - 5 pots = 1.19 litres for £5.00

Posted 2nd Apr 2015

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

B&Q currently have their Valspar Emulsion test pots for £1.00 each available in Matt or vinyl finish. Hundreds of colours to choose from. It does say limited to 3 per customer but I needed 5 so the man who served me just said to put them through in 2 separate transactions. Ideal if you just want to do an accent wall like I did.
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its valid til 19th of this month
worst paint I've ever used!!! I had a mix to match a farrow & ball colour & it was nowhere near a match & the finish was awful. it wasn't pleasant to paint with as was whey too runny compared to Dulux trade which I normally use & the valspar needed 3 coats which was ridiculous. I've googled valspar reviews & struggled to find any positive reviews....stay well away from this paint & stick to Dulux Trade paint:)
terrible paint needed 3 coats & colour nowhere near colour stated in the book or the tester I bought. horrible finish & whey too runny compared to other paints in the same price range
Good price, used this to match some wallpaper, colour was a perfect match and no problems with it being runny, very happy with it and would use them again
B&Q is crap
Awful paint. Would never use it again
I have painted whole house with this stuff... Best paint I have ever used... 2 coats are enough and covers beautifully
I also had good experience with Valspar. Used it paint my external wooden door and frame and found it to be as good as Dulux.

As for matching it to a F&B colour, not sure if any such 'matches' ever work exactly in practice.
Dreadful paint, avoid like the plague. Used at previous home by unscrupulous decorators. Marks easily, horrible to spread properly. C R A P.
Got some mixed to match a clock face, kitchen and bathroom paint was great. Good quality paint, covered really well and perfect colour match. Maybe the people who find it runny aren't stirring it before use?
well each to their own. I just picked up 3 tester pots from my local B&Q. Unfortunately there is no discount on the actual paint itself (other than the 5L trade deal on emulsion), the rest of the finishes are almost as expensive as Crown or Dulux. In fact if someone wants a special paint (like wood, metal etc), Homebase have their blanket 15% offer this weekend, so may be worth having a look at that.
Interesting that there are mixed views. Compared to Dulux I find Valspar better in every respect. It flows better than the blancmange consistency Dulux. It does not splatter with a roller like Dulux. It has good coverage. It has high opacity.
You must use the premium paint - it is so much better than the standard, and I always paint with a brush which gives a much better finish - the paint goes incredibly far.
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