BA sale - British Airways

BA sale - British Airways

Found 22nd Aug 2008
This is from the TravelZoo e-mail.
Looks like some good prices, especially with all their fuel surcharges.
Possibility of £20 off through logging in.
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There was an article a couple of months back on 'the One show' where by they compared prices to some destination (can't rememeber where now) but with all the 'extras' that the budget airlines charge the carrier who came out cheaper was BA! Thats without the discounts they're offering in this sale.
Voted hot.

I know people often have preferences with who they fly with, so price isn't always an incentive.
I won't ever fly Easyjet or Ryanair again. Its like a rugby scrum trying to board unless you've paid extra. Plus I like not having to pay extortionate prices for drinks and food on board.

I agree with almost all of what you say but as you state its not about … I agree with almost all of what you say but as you state its not about price its about service and although i've never flown easyjet or ryanair but have flown zoom and BA I'd not use BA again.

I haven't looked at this deal and I often fly Ryanair and easyjet because of their low prices and in fact I want to fly to some of their more obscure destinations.
I reasonably often fly BA also, and I have to say regarding service, Ryanair has to be the worse airline in the world. They treat customer like cattle, they abide by their incredibly strict and tricky pricing rules absolutely, e.g. if you are at check-in 39mins before take off, they will not let you on, no negotiation. They are rude. They will do ANYTHING to get an extra $$ from the "customer".

In some ways I don't blame they are the very definition of "budget", but if price was equal I'd rather fly BA, or any other airline personally. In fact I'd pay more to not fly ryanair, but as I said, they fly to the right places at the right times sometimes that no other airline do.

Sorry for the rant!
I fly quite often and can honestly say I have had the best of experiences and the worst with all of them. The point is, it is a good saving that may be very useful to many people, so is a hot deal. Now if we need a site about everyone’s experience re- customer service, customer satisfaction, efficiency, commitment, organization, communication etc.etc. bring it on - hotukmoans?
Oh come on chaps, flying newcastle to London HR next week for £39.00 inc taxes etc, got a pre booked seat
check in on line for free, no baggage charges, food and drink included in the flight, BA rocks every time, and in the current spanish situation does NOT use Mcdonald Douglas built aircraft or engines. voted hot hot hot
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