BA Worldwide Sale

BA Worldwide Sale

Found 11th Jul 2010
Exactly what it says on the tin


Better take good Travel Insurance too in case they strike again!

some good prices heat added


Better take good Travel Insurance too in case they strike again!

I dont think they realise the impact of their recent strikes. I am flying to America and even though BA are slightly cheaper there is just no way I will book with them.

Not worth the risk using BA. Rude staff last time i used them,in fact they robbed me,hope they go **** up.

Exactly Hooray. They are the worst company i;ve ever dealt with. They left us stuck in Zambia last week and for love nor money we couldnt change our ticket. IF they go bust it will make my year. Will never fly with them again, and I suggest everyone does the same. Its got nothing on Virgin of the asian air lines.

Tbh Air France are probably even worse for long haul flights. Not impressed with the prices for the Far East especially seeing as the Finnair route is much more civilised.

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The Asian airlines do not have any legal obligations if you get stranded. I think that this is overall a bit harsh but understand that strikes are not good.

Any good insurance plus payment via credit card makes the obligations fairly meaningless. Add the fact that many European airlines generally ignore them anyway. Usually insurance companies payout much quicker than airlines in any event. Plus the service levels on Asian airlines is far superior, you actually get treated like a customer who does have a choice rather than a necessary evil to be merely tolerated.

UAE are the best airline for comfort and customer service.

Not sure what sale they're doing but a quote for a holiday to Ibiza, 2 adults & 2 kids was over £2000! I think I'll go with someone with a better rep than that!
I wont add or take away heat as it seems low enough as it is

All of the above and I can never forgive them for grounding Concorde
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