BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket - £99.99 @ Millet Sports (RRP £169.99)
BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket - £99.99 @ Millet Sports (RRP £169.99)

BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket - £99.99 @ Millet Sports (RRP £169.99)

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As used by Rafael Nadal

The Babolat AeroPro Drive racket is a model of consistency and if you're an expert player who wants the same from your game look no further. Superb balance between power, control and feel will allow you to exploit this racket's easy access to pop and spin from anywhere on the court. The Cortex system, Woofer technology and Aero modular technology all weigh in to add up to considerable benefits.

The Cortex system links the frame and the handle with the C. D. S (Cortex Damping system) which filters and dampens vibrations interfering with feel, to enhance the feel of the ball. High frequency Vibrations which interfere with feel are filtered out whilst Low frequency which provide feel are maintained.

Woofer patented Babolat technology and is the first technology which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. This boils down to 25% more contact time between the ball and the strings which in turn means more control and a comfortable feel for you.

Aero Modular technology combines aerodynamic properties with a high modulus graphite to create maximum penetration of the racket through the air and increases the hitting power. It's all about faster swings, increased power and outrageous ball control.
HeadSize: 645 cm2 / 100 sq.in.
Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
Composition: 100% High Modulus Graphite
Grip: Syntec Grip


A lot of money to knock a ball about : )

.....and cheaper on ebay


lot of money for a spaghetti strainer

"As used by Rafael Nadal"

He doesn't have to pay £100 a go


.....and cheaper on ebay

Well done! You've discovered eBay. I'll let you into a little secret....it's essentially a place where people sell their unwanted items! Therefore as they are secondhand, they're obviously going to be cheaper than new!! (I just searched for this racket and found one still bidding, two junior and this one *********.co.uk/BAB…68c which is also secondhand with a 'Buy now' price but I guess you didn't bother to look properly!!)

As for comments about this being an expensive racket (let alone the comment about spaghetti, I'm sure, because your laptop doubles up as a leg warmer everything needs to have a dual purpose does it?) I'm guessing these are from people who spend all their lives on the net typing pointless comments on posts because they're too lazy to get off their fat ***** and do some exercise! Yet would, without thinking spend similar/more money on computing/gaming equipment which others would deem as being a waste of money or not a good deal!

I myself don't play much tennis but would and have on many occasions paid this kind of money for a good squash racket!

A deal is a deal. Just because it's not something you're interested in why vote cold and waste your time by typing crap? If on the other hand it's not a deal because it's cheaper elsewhere, then prove it!

Ahh, I feel better now
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