Baby Alive: Changing Time Baby £14.99 @

Baby Alive: Changing Time Baby £14.99 @

Found 22nd Nov 2010
Same price @ Amazon but OOS.

It's snack time for your Changing Time Baby doll and she's hungry! Mix up her "food" packets and "feed" her from her "bowl" with her spoon accessory. She'll even move and make baby sounds, just like a real baby. When meal time is done, your little one will need a fresh "diaper" - she's "peed" and "pooped" in the one she's wearing! Clean her up and change her into her new "diaper" so she's ready to play and cuddle with her "mommy"!

Doll comes with two packets of doll food mix and bowl, spoon, bottle, two diapers, dress and bib accessories



Excellent price! have some heat

i ordered this earlier too as amazon was saying 2-5 weeks for delivery! HOT!!

awww i've only just bought my daughter a doll in october for her bday!!!

my bank account hates you HUKD X)
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