Baby Annabell £12.50 at Asda instore

Baby Annabell £12.50 at Asda instore

Found 10th Dec 2016
Am not sure if this is nationwide but worth a look! Was in the clearance section with a £20 sticker. Wouldn't scan through so cashier had to manually find it. She didn't believe the price as did it twice as scanned in at £12.50! It's the doll that can cry and makes noises and after a quick search can see it for £32 online. Hope someone else finds one!
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Excellent find!! Well done!
I've seen the film. It doesn't look anything like that scary doll lol
Thank you! I was so pleased and my husband just didn't seem to understand what a great deal it was!

Excellent find!! Well done!

​oops meant to reply directly
Good Grief, I got one in Tescos for 25.00 and I thought that was cheap. Hot, Hot, Hot
what asda was this in please
Fab find!

what asda was this in please

​It was in the Hounslow one. There weren't anymore on the shelf but fingers crossed!
What a bargain, even if it's a one off.
Bargain !!!
Non in walsall store
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