baby Annabell potty £11.99 @ Argos

baby Annabell potty £11.99 @ Argos

Found 18th Oct 2016
Baby annabell potty 11.99 at Argos also same price at smyths toys
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'Cute potty sounds including toilet noises' never heard someone having a clear out and thought...'oooh that's cute'.

Why cold? Is it cheaper elsewhere? Just looking for one for my daughter
Not cheaper no where else looked before I posted thought it was a good deal with the £25 baby Annabelles I got my lg one
So let's get this straight, this is £12 for a toy potty for a doll, which costs 2-3 times the price of a real potty for a real toddler! The toy manufacturers really know how to rip off parents don't they!

My daughters got a plain Annabel, best to let her imagination fill in all the blanks.
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