Baby born dolls £24.99 each at Argos

Baby born dolls £24.99 each at Argos

Found 25th Oct 2017
Great price for these. Normally £45 each

Baby born girl also on Amazon for prime members but stock delayed until 3rd november

Description for baby born

BABY born Interactive now has 9 functions and 11 accessories, with no batteries required! Doll functions include controlled wetting & pooping on the potty, drinking & feeding, tearing, opening/closing eyes, moving arms/legs and is bathable. 43cm doll. Colours and styles may vary. For ages 3 years and over.

Accessories include cloth, spoon and plate, bottle, nappy, potty, magic dummy and birth certificate.

43cm function doll with new interactive feature.

She is waterproof.

No batteries required.

One supplied.
Size H43cm.
For ages 3 years and over.
EAN: 4001167815793.
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Great deal. You beat me to posting this by an hour! Had just bought one for Christmas for the daughter! Parent of all small girls will know this is a great price!
Yes it is a great deal. I paid 40 for these previously which i thought was good - cheapest they have ever been from what i can find
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Seems now same price on Amazon for prime customers
Thank you so much! It's the last thing I needed for my little girls birthday!
TCO2002 h, 57 m ago

Seems now same price on Amazon for prime customers

Where is this on Amazon please?
cheers for amazon heads up i've vouchers to spend and this was on my wee ones santa list..
heres the link see under other sellers…c=1
This or baby Annabelle?
my daughter was given a selection of baby born and baby Annabelle accessories from a friend so naturally want a doll to go with them.
cant decide which to go for
I prefer baby born but think it is personal preference. This one is hard bodied and doesn't need batteries and can get wet. The baby Annabel we have got is a lot heavier and so too heavy for my 3 year old to carry for too long. Hope this helps
Keep checking online if you want this deal / it's been oos in my area since it was posted but I've been checking and thankfully my prayers were answered and one blue one became available in more nearest 10 stores when I checked at 11.50pm
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