Baby Born Interactive doll - Tesco Direct - £30  (also available at amazon for this price)

Baby Born Interactive doll - Tesco Direct - £30 (also available at amazon for this price)

Found 4th Nov 2015
My daughter has been asking for a doll for xmas that eats, drinks, wees and poops (yay!!) and this one seems to do all of that, plus it has no batteries so it is bathable (unlike poor missy kissy from last year )

was going to get it from argos or toys r us as they have it down to £35.00 but i had clubcard points that i could double up for this. Also available at this price on amazon.…orn

The Baby Born® Interactive Doll needs your love and attention!

Dressed in a cute bodysuit with bunny print, this adorable Baby Born® Interactive doll has many life-like functions. The Baby Born® doll appears to blink, drink, feed, wet and cry tears just like a real baby.

Fully bathable in water, this Baby Born® Interactive doll comes complete with accessories including a plate, spoon, dummy, potty, nappy and a sachet of baby doll food for Baby Born® fun play.
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Does it really eat and poop?
Was 25 pounds the other day sorry cold lol
It comes with food that you make up.which is apparently very runny and passes through. My 5yr old will be happy with that. I havent seen it at £25, this is the cheapest I have found it today and is readily available. Also with my club card vouchers I got it for £15
Can't decide on buying this, my daughter will love it, but im worried about 'poop' all over the place!! Lol
You need to do a good clean for the doll after each feed. If you don't then the tube inside the doll will get blocked. Bought the doctor one for £17, would not pay for it more than £20.
Thanks Op. This is all my dd wants for Xmas and I got it just using vouchers! Now I can afford some vastly overpriced accessories too
Do they sell the food once sachet used - is it easy to find? Thanks
They sell a pack of 12sachets on amazon for about £6.50. I bought a pack of newborn real baby nappies from Tesco instead of baby born nappies as I got 30 odd in that pack for about £3.
I wish I could have found it for less.but at the minute this was cheapest I could get it and my daughter really wants one, with vouchers it worked.out not too bad.
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