Baby Born Magic Potty Girl - £7.87 *Instore* @ Tesco

Baby Born Magic Potty Girl - £7.87 *Instore* @ Tesco

Found 9th Mar 2011
saw these in tesco llanelli comes with the doll, potty and all the accessories. they had one left after i bought mine in llanelli. if someone could add a pic i would be greatfull as i dont know how.
if anyone wants me to add my reciept pic please tell me how to do so as i aient gotta clue thanks
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Just paid 19.97 for this at my local store so would appreciate a till receipt as then i can maybe ask for a refund
Wow, none of these left in my store. If anyone could pick me one up, I would be so so so greatful as I would love to get my daughter it for her birthday. Obviously I would pay postage and more for your troubles x
last one in my store but will look out for you
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