Baby deluxe bather in-store at Tesco £3.52
Baby deluxe bather in-store at Tesco £3.52

Baby deluxe bather in-store at Tesco £3.52

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Few days ago i went to get a baby bath for my son and they didn't have none and they brought this to me instead i asked them to check how much it cost and they're scanning through at £3.52 was £19.97
They're still £15.99 at argos
Not sure if it is nationwide, this was from the stalybridge store in cheshire.


If they "didn't have none" does that mean they did have some? :?

Had one of these for my son, when it got wet it smelt of creosote. Ended up taking it back for a refund. Basic baby bath is alot better, get way more use out of it.

I have above too , Think its a waste of time need loads of water to bathe in, used it 3 times and got plastic bath back out.
even for the cheap price its worthless,lol

Bought this 2 years ago. My little boy loved it, you did need to fill the bath up quite a bit but it was great as he could share the bath with his big brother!

I paid £15 from Tesco, don't think it is worth that price. Hot for me :thumbsup:

Worth every penny, i swear by them for bath sharing with the little one. Swear this is whats made my little one so confident in the bath, from day one.

had for my daughter also very easy and take up no space like baby bath!

had one, but used it very little. paid £12.99 new-sold it for £4 second hand! good price though:thumbsup:

not a fan of bath sharing....too tempting to the little ones to have a ****

Found pretty useless in the bath as needed so much water and my daughter decided to sit her newborn in the shower in it and our grandson had a shower nearly every day until he outgrew it. Absolutely marvellous and at this price a real bargain.

i have a mamas and papas plastic thing and i second what lulusmummy says brill for bath sharing
i would like one of these tho hers is plastic and she jumps around alot and this looks softer will have a try and get one heat added

shame mine won't have any as it's only a small tesco but really want/need one of these sooo pricey though elsewhere

My little baba still goes in her washing up bowl for a bath ;-) Bought her a lil oblong one she loves it.

Although she has started splashing so its not gonna last for long now

I have this for my son and he loves it. Bought a plastic baby bath with my daughter and i used it for a week then put her in big bath coz she hated it. I love it as well because it is perfect for putting both kids in together.

i have this for my daughter - i found it a god send!!

I had one of these and thought it was great. My baby hated the baby bath and I wasn't confident with a soapy, slippy baby. He loved this and I used it a lot. It meant I could pop another one of the boys in with him and they could play. I felt it helped bonding with one of my older ones washing the baby and helping to take care of him. Anyway I like these but it's all down to personal preference in the end I suppose.

I bought this for my son, he loved it! Great price

Going to check my local today, I hope they have one!

Wow bargain
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