Baby Einstein DVD's for keeping your baby quiet !!!! £5.99 @ Play
Baby Einstein DVD's for keeping your baby quiet !!!! £5.99 @ Play

Baby Einstein DVD's for keeping your baby quiet !!!! £5.99 @ Play

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Play.com are selling these with around £6 off but then better still they are buy one get one free. This is a fantastic offer.


Says £11.99 for me,thought £5.99 for 2 was a good deal, but £5.99 each, well that's what price they should be, ish,

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yes it says £11.99 but directly below it it says buy 1 get one free hence you can buy 2 for £11.99 or £5.99 each. Can you show me another site that sells them for around £6 a piece as I would buy them from there ?

QUOTE "Play.com are selling these with around £6 off but then better still they are buy one get one free."

You state that they are 6 pound off (5.99) AND BOGOF but that is not the case. That's what Deard69 was trying to say and probably the reason why people are voting cold. You have mis-represented the item in your original post.

It may well be a good price, but it's not the deal you have advertised. I'd think carefully about how you word things before posting.

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fair point but I stated they are £6 off then better still a BOGOF. They are normally around £18 new, so I should have said they are £18 new for a single DVD then £6 off making them £11.99 then a BOGOF offer also, which makes them basically £6 a DVD.

There is also a book range around £6 to £10 so people may think I am talking about the books hence probably think its a **** deal but its the DVD's.
However deard69 states that they are around £5.99 ish anyway so all I asked was where is he/ she normally buying them at that price as I know loads of people who would willingly buy them at that price.

I probably did not make the posting completely clear however it was not misleading either, its up to the individual looking at the offer to decide if its good or not, anyone who buys them would see that it is.

The lack of sleep I am also suffering at the moment probably does not help and the reason I only posted a very quick offer was just so other people do not miss a possible saving. Oh well thats what I get for trying to help.

If you look on ebay people are selling second hand DVD's for anywhere up to £11 !! so if you wanted to take a punt then there could be a profit to be made !

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another quick question why has the offer expired? is that because its been voted a rubbish deal? or misdiscription etc. is there any point me readvertising it as it really is a good offer as far as I can find anyway but willing to be proved wrong !

Hi, when I said the price they should be is £5.99 ish, I didn't mean that's what they are, or have been sold for, I mean't they should be about that price,as £12 for a dvd these days is quiet dear, I thought you were advertising two dvd's for 5.99, which would have been fantastic, anyhow, any buy one get one free is a good deal in my eyes, I just think they are overpriced, but buy one get one free makes them acceptable, do you have any? are they any good? I have a 20 month old, and theses dvd's do interest me as we have all the baby Einstien cd's, also, I have no idea why this has been expired, I hope the deal is still on as I am still thinking wether to purchase any.

I've sussed it, I do know why this has been expired, the minimum spend is £11.99, you put £5.99 as price in the title, if you post again & put £11.99 in title and buy one get one free, it will not get expired, until the buy one get one free has finished & probably won't get so cold, hope this helps.

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Hi deard69 I will try and get around to popping it on again I just posted it too quickly and I did not make it clear, however I totally agree with you they are definately not worth their full RRP at around £18 even at £12 they are expensive. The one we have at the moment is the the baby einstein baby mozart and its great however the main feature on it is only around 40 min I think, but there are loads of other teaching aids on them however my 16 week old just loves to watch the pictures at the moment and its an almost instant quietener, mind you I also played AC/DC one day and that had a similar effect but only for about 15 min !!

I am not sure how good the other ones for a 20 month old would be as the ones I have are the 3+ months and I think there is a range from 1 year onwards which would be appropriate but no idea what the content is.

If you do decide to buy the 1+ ones drop a comment in here so I can see what you think. All my friends have bought them now so amongst us we have quite a collection and we can swap/ share them around !!

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ok popped it on again hopefully made it a bit clearer this time around !! take a lot of work this posting melarky !! can't work out how to add pictures but I noticed there was one on this post but I did not add that !.

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oh great now the new one has been deleted I give up trying to put anything on here to help people.

Hi DaveH, thanks for replying, I'm sorry the new post has been deleted, that is harsh, I can only presume one of the mods deleted it, as they class it as a duplicate post, I have spent time on here before posting a good deal, only for a mod to misunderstand it, it is very frustrating and it makes you think why do I bother?

As for the dvd's, we did consider buying some when our baby was born, but I wanted to see if they came down in price first as I thought they were quite expensive, they didn't come down for months & then we must have forgotton all about them, also I see Amazon have a box set of 6 of these dvd's for £32.98, that's not a bad deal either, if I do purchase any, I will indeed remember to give you feedback on the one's that I got, cheers.

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I know deard69 a bit harsh I have emailed the mod telling her its not a duplicate so if they want to remove one remove this one as it was incorrectly advertised by me. On the other, deleted, listing someone mentioned about the ones on ebay which I had been bidding on loads of them, but there are a few box sets on at the moment with 16 or 20 DVD's in them not just the 6 set one and the larger sets are around £30 at the moment which is really good. The 6 sets are like you say around £33 so again a few quid cheaper than individual purchases, find of wish I had looked into those ones now but I am only out a few pounds so not so bad, mind you thats almost a small pack of pampers ha ha .

Thanks again

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