Baby Foam Bath Support Sponge - £2.49 @ Home Bargains

Baby Foam Bath Support Sponge - £2.49 @ Home Bargains

Found 25th Apr 2014
This is simplicity itself. Lets you bathe baby in the big bath and they are comfortable and secure. Found out about this from my daughter-in-law when my cousin was having her grandson visit from England. It is available instore (I bought it in Clydebank, Glasgow) as well as online.
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I bought one for my newborn, it makes bath time so simple and relaxing for baby, highly recommend and such a great price!
Bought 1 from kiddicare for £9 jus last week
These are really good! Had one with DD. Only problem is they do wear quite quickly and seem to grow mouldy, even after rinsing them properly and airing. But for £2.49, you can buy another one without breaking the bank. Very good value for money and a lifesaver in the early days :-)
nice one
Sorry for been daft but how do these work ?
I wonder if these baby versions contain the same amount of chemical goo the adult version of a memory foam mattress does. Just asking, consider and research before putting your newborn down on a wet version of it. I have got two children they both managed a calming bath with a supporting hand behind their neck.
no matter how u clean them etc....they smell mouldy and tear after a while....not that great, prefer the supporte bath seat
I bought one of these a month or so ago from there and it's fab, wish I'd got it sooner .
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