Baby Leaf Spinach 250g only 49p in Lidl

Baby Leaf Spinach 250g only 49p in Lidl

Found 18th May 2009
At the moment Lidl have their 250g Baby Leaf Spinach reduced from an already impressive 99p down to 49p.

Just to compare Tesco have 210g for £1.50, ASDA charge £1 for just 170g and Sainsburys is £1.50 for 225g.

So grab yourself a bag and look like Popeye for less.
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'look like popeye '

oh my god you've reminded me about the time(10 years ago) we would refuse to eat spinach my mother would always say that, eat up and you'l look like Popeye and in reply we would always but he is ugly. aah i miss being young, stupid, care -free and naive.

loove spinach and Popeye now, just stocked up loads yesterday.
there also doing a 1.5L carton of apple juice for 50p
thanks will go and stock up for us and treat the rabbits! its their fav!
bargain.... love the stuff in my rolls!!
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