Baby Photo Pens FREE SAMPLE
Baby Photo Pens FREE SAMPLE

Baby Photo Pens FREE SAMPLE

Now mothers can have a picture of their newest loved one with a unique Baby Photo Pen. Mothers will value this unique product and share the image of their newborns with friends and family, providing your maternity ward with maximum exposure in the community of new mothers.

The first Baby Photo Pens come in exciting assorted colors with a message customized to meet your marketing needs. If you're looking for something unique and creative... look no further. Baby Photo Pens offer new mothers a stylish, treasured reminder of the comfort and services you provided. And they offer you, the marketing director, an opportunity to spark the interests of future mothers still searching for the right maternity program.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact us for a sample at [email protected]


Thanks again, and thanks for help with images

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How tacky!

thanks toolula -


It appears to be an American company selling tacky things to private hospitals in America, not British consumers.

This is U.S.A


This is U.S.A

the 51st state i guess ...

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This is U.S.A

uk excepted!!
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