Baby & Toddler Event @ Morrisons (instore) Starts Today..

Baby & Toddler Event @ Morrisons (instore) Starts Today..

Found 20th Jan 2014
The Morrisons Baby & Toddler Event has started today instore. It runs from 20th January - 16th February. Items include : Huggies Pure baby wipes buy 1 get 2 free (£2.49), Pampers Baby Dry Nappies (mega box) down to £7.49. Lindam stair gates are £19 or 2 for £30. Johnson's baby shampoo is now £1.60 (it was £3.20)
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I can't see the mega boxs online does any one know if they are in store only?
how much per nappy on mega box
I think it depends what size you want
Size 4 is 86 pack.
I've brought a box from asda £11 it cost me but if morrisons are doing same amount for cheaper then I'm going there. But need to know if it's in store???
Ok brilliant just used the link.
Bargain heat added.
Yes megabox are on offer at our local big Morrisons as hubby bought some this morning
I got mine today to
All boxes and sizes in store, just got 2 x size 5
Can anyone confirm is it only for sizes 4, 4+ and 5? I'm after size 3.

Can anyone confirm is it only for sizes 4, 4+ and 5? I'm after size 3.

Just popped in to my local morrisons, the £7.49 price is only applicable to size 4 upwards which start at 86 per box. I was after size 3 as well so had to pop to asda and get one if their size 3 boxes which was £11 for 104 nappies.
No size 3s :-( but good for the others! Asda do the size 3s for 11 (104 nappies) x
Got 4 boxes (only 3 allowed, had to come back) in size 4 (smallest available) x86 nappies. Thank you!
I've just been, only on size 4, 4+, 5, 5+ &6. The lower sizes are £10 per box apart from new born which they have a large bag if 86 for £10. Hope this helps
Try the size 4s if your little one is still on 3, they will prob fit. If not there there for when they do.
Do they do 6+ mega boxes?

Do they do 6+ mega boxes?

I don't think they do a 6+ I might be wrong though, I only saw 4,4+,5,5+ at my local store
Great price, thanks OP!
Before you go buy the Huggies Wipes then please read this:

(Huggies Wipes Pure With natural fibres 64 Wipes Gentle like cotton wool and water No perfume Alcohol free Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium Laureth phosphate, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methyllisothiazolinone, Methylparaben, Malic Acid.)
Plenty left in morrisons killingworth sizes 4 4+ 5 5+ and 6
Stocked up! Thank you! They also have many cloth in clearance, I got a few tops for £1.5 each.
plenty in eastbourne earlier today. what with my cheeky bots box from tesco yday, were stocked up for couple of months now!
apparently baby event is on until February but nappies are only on offer for this week. manager at welling branch told me after I done two trips to stock up for my two monsters.
Don't suppose they have the colour tommee tippeee bottles in blue or green on offer 6 for £10 plus they have pink wonder if they do em at morrisons! Nappies r a good buy I suppose....
They had the pink and clear bottles in my local, no blue. They were only just setting up everything when I was shopping yesterday though.
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