Baby Weavers Deluxe Swivel & Glider Chair & Stool £99.99 @kiddicare rrp £357.62
Baby Weavers Deluxe Swivel & Glider Chair & Stool £99.99 @kiddicare rrp £357.62

Baby Weavers Deluxe Swivel & Glider Chair & Stool £99.99 @kiddicare rrp £357.62

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Baby Weavers Deluxe Swivel & Glider Chair & Stool (090) Description
This Nursing chair and Stool offer a gliding motion feature on the chair. Offers gentle quiet smooth movement with a deep soft padded upholstery, stool comes with matching fabric foot pad.

Traditional Bow Back
Complete with Matching Stool
Deep Suedette with Honeycombed colored Upholstery
Glider Action maintains posture
Swivel for manoeuvrability
Soild Timer Frame
Gentle, Quiet, Smooth Movement

Baby Weavers Deluxe Swivel & Glider Chair & Stool (090) Specifications
Colour: Beige
Gliding Action: Yes
Locking Arm: No
Padded Arm Rest: No
Recline: No
Stool Included: Yes
Swivel Base: 360 Degree Swivel


I have always wanted one of these :-D

Nice price, wish I had the room :-(

great price for one of these hot from me


great price for one of these hot from me

These are worth about £99. they do the job but £357 RRP is a joke.
Dont sit on the foot stool. it will snap the paper thin backing in the sponge.

just my opinion

probably the best thing in our nursery for the first year but yeah it is one of those things that is always in sale & the RRP is a joke.

Would defo reccomend one though.

iv never seen it at a price as low as this

Heat added

anyone could helping choose this and *********.co.uk/SUP…176

the one on ebay is a bit more dear but with the soft cover on the armrest, i assume it will be a bit more comfortable as well

Always see these at £99 on offer, saw them when the wife was preggers couple of years back although we never did end up getting one for some reason I can't remember now...

not voted hot or cold personally as this is the usual price for these.....cheaper than £99 and I would vote hawtness!

I got this one on offer for £87 from kiddicare last year, have to say it's been fab though really useful and still use it every morning for my baby's 1st feed, he's 8 months now.

I bought one from kiddicare for same price about 4 years ago. Not bad at first, but soon developed loose fittings and eventually breakages (within 6 months). Regularly had to re-tighten or fix new screws etc. Arms in the picture look weaker than the ones we had.

It survived for about 3 years (creaking and banging) and as baby turned to toddler I had constant worry that the little one would trap fingers/arms in the mechanism.

With hindsight overall, if had had room in nursery, would have simply got a normal sofa chair.

It is not a great price, it is normal.
dadazuzu - I guess it depends how many hours do you intend to spend on it. My baby was a very slow feeder and I was stuck to the chair for almost all day. had Supremo Bambino and was disappointed. I quickly got rid of it and nurse my baby on my old armchair as it was more comfortable.Although the cushion looks thick I could feel every piece of wood under my bottom. The kiddicare one's padding looks event thiner and yes you do need soft cover on the armrest. None of them has removable covers - big minus.

maybe 99 but it was 89 a year ago when i bought it. was never £350 lol

Original Poster

I find it remarkable - almost a miracle that so many people are on HUKD tonight who have bought this chair from kiddicare - amazing:whistling:

so many people have bought it from there because usually you can't even buy a footstool for that price! We bought the none swivel version at around this price about half a year ago, am guessing that most the posters on here actually bought the none-swivel version too, this one swings around 360 degrees as well as back and forth. The non-swivel version does seem to have better, padded armrests though...

Also B&M stores have had them at that price, as well as a independent furniture store I know of in Chester whose name escapes me at the moment! B&M also have had those faux leather variations of these with foot stool at similar prices a fair few times (its near where I work so pop in to have a gander now and then!)

had one in our house for ages. can't remember how much dad paid for it. it was very comfortable as far as i can remember

We bought a set just like this 4 years ago. First one arrived broken already, second one followed 6 months later. They are made of very poor wood and I had to repair ours twice before I gave up


''Sorry - This item is currently out of stock''
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